Free Content Creation Tools That Can Revolutionize Your “Instagram Game”

Published on January 4, 2022
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Your Instagram feed is an essential element of your brand story. As people scroll through, they can quickly form an impression of your business based on what you’re sharing. And what they see will ultimately shape their opinions of your brand.

In short, your Instagram page is a big deal.

Now you may be asking yourself, how can I make my business stand out from the crowd? There are thousands of creative feeds to gather inspiration from. So it can be daunting trying to decide where to begin when it comes to forming your own unique Instagram feed. But don’t worry: we can help.

An account with visually appealing content is much more likely to receive more love or “double-taps.” This is why having content creation tools at your fingertips is a total must.

So if you’re ready to revolutionize your Instagram game, check out these free apps that will help you build an Instagram feed you can be proud of.

1. Canva

You no longer need a degree in design to whip up some cool graphics. With Canva you have access to a wide range of templates for logos, banners, blog graphics, and much more.

When you go to the dashboard, you can browse through hundreds of Instagram post templates. Begin customizing the templates by changing the fonts, colors, and images to make it unique to your brand. Tap into your inner creative and begin experimenting with the different design tools that Canva offers.

Want to spice up your Instagram stories, too? Check out Canva’s Instagram story templates to add an extra dosage of personality to your page.

Download Canva here: Android / iOS.

Canva Free Content Creation Tool

2. Adobe Spark Post

If you’re a fan of Canva, you’re likely to love SparkPost. This graphic design app gives you access to a set of design tools that help you create visually impactful graphics within minutes. You can use other people’s templates for inspiration, then customize it so that it complements your brand.

Spark Post gives you full-range access to thousands of royalty-free images. This gives you the upper hand on Canva, which offers some free images, but the rest will cost you a $1.00 fee to use. Though Spark Post doesn’t have as much variety for design templates as Canva, its full (and free) customization options make it worth checking out.

Download Adobe Spark Post here: Android / iOS.

Adobe SparkPost Free Content Creation Tool

3. Unfold

Going for a more minimalistic and professional look for your Instagram stories? Then Unfold is your match made in heaven. This app gives you a variety of templates to choose from to help you create minimal designs and collages for your story.

Unfold allows you to express yourself in a seemingly effortless, but oh-so-creative way that is sure to resonate with your followers. The design-focused tool offers a pastel color palette, stunning fonts, and elegant designs that are easy-to-use. Instagram stories may expire after 24 hours, but with Unfold you can create and save your stories forever on the app.

Download Unfold here: Android / iOS.

Unfold Free Content Creation Tool


Nowadays Instagram is all about the “aesthetic’ — a.k.a. the theme of your feed. It’s no longer as simple as sharing a photo of the office dogs. Now you have to carefully consider the best lighting, the right angles, and apply a filter that will purposefully match the rest of the photos on your feed.

This is where VSCO comes in. VSCO is practically a photo-editing gold mine. The free app offers a variety of photo filters and tools to turn an ordinary photo into an Instagram masterpiece. It allows you to edit all of your photos to give them a consistent look before adding them to your feed. And the more consistency you have, the better your Instagram feed will look as a whole.

Download VSCO here: Android / iOS.

VSCO Free Content Creation Tool

5. Snapseed

Sometimes a filter is enough. But other times your photo may need some extra work. Think of Snapseed as an “all-in-the-details” photo editor. The app offers precise tools to help increase or reduce saturation, exposure, and contrast in images. Tune your image by cranking up the brightness and turning down the shadows. Use the photo filters, textures, and lighting effects to give your photo the extra boost it needs. Whether you want to adjust the entire image or update specific areas of your photo, Snapseed is just the app to tie together all the important details.

Download Snapseed here: Android / iOS.

Snapseed Free Content Creation Tool


So now you have all this awesome content. What’s next? Apps like Later (formally Latergramme) remove the sometimes overwhelming process of deciding when and what to post.

With Later, you can intentionally plan out and schedule your posts to ensure the all-important aesthetic of your feed remains cohesive. Afterall, your Instagram feed has the power to influence a decision. It’s important to schedule out your posts with purpose.

Download Later here: Android / iOS
Later Free Content Creation Tool

And there you have it! Try out these free apps and begin experimenting. Let us know how they worked for you! Leave a comment, post on our Facebook, or Tweet at us!

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