How Selling on the Walmart Marketplace Helps Ecommerce Merchants

Published on March 25, 2022
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How does Walmart make it easy for merchants to get started selling?

As a seller, you can take advantage of a great opportunity to reach millions of potential customers by listing your products on Walmart Marketplace. We created a straightforward process to list your items, which includes working with the Seller Center, using the Walmart Marketplace API, or partnering with one of our approved solution providers. Finally, our comprehensive Seller Help site and QuickStart guides are full of helpful articles, FAQs, and ways you can contact Partner Support directly.

How does Walmart increase multichannel sales ? gets over 110 million unique visitors each month and is one of the largest omnichannel retailers in the world. As it is a curated community where sellers need to go through an extensive approvals process, Walmart Marketplace is less saturated with sellers but as a result you get a lot more exposure to Walmart’s vast customer base. According to this Marketplace Pulse report from December 2019, Walmart Marketplace sellers get over thirteen times more visitors per month compared to their biggest competitor. This vastly increases your overall exposure, which in turn should lead to more customers and sales.

What is the overhead for getting set up on Walmart?

Walmart’s competitors frequently charge marketplace sellers in a variety of ways, such as recurring monthly charges or listing fees. With Walmart Marketplace the fee structure is simple. There are no signup, listing or monthly fees—you’ only pay commission rate on each sale, which depends on the category of the item sold. These commission rates vary between 6-20%. This is the extent of what Walmart charges.

What can a seller do to win the buy box?

You can do quite a few things to help win the buy box and boost your sales. We really want to give customers to the best experience so we look at how sellers can best deliver on that promise. This includes prioritizing items with the best (and lowest) price, offering fast shipping options like TwoDay, delivering on time, and keeping a robust inventory (not only product availability but quantity available).

How can I increase fulfillment speed? 

With Walmart Marketplace you typically have a lot of strategies and preferences for running your business. You can control all aspects of your operation, from listing your items to promotions, getting payments, customer care and finally, fulfillment. While you have the freedom of managing your distribution, warehousing and shipping, we have a lot of options to help ease your fulfillment workload too. Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) is our new program to provide you the ability to store and ship your products from one of our fulfillment centers, as well as handle support and returns. You can use trusted third-party logistics companies like Deliverr to also deal with storage and fulfillment with competitive express shipping rates, especially helpful in areas where Walmart’s own fulfillment centers may not cover. Programs like FedEx Advantage are available if you’re looking for deep discounts on fast shipping rates with extremely reliable delivery windows, a valuable option for customers who want their orders quickly. If you’re looking for more information on how to increase fulfillment speed, leverage ShipStation expertise and learn about ways to optimize your business operations while offering fast and free delivery to online shoppers.

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