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Published on February 20, 2024
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The holiday season, with its rush of orders and heightened customer expectations, calls for retailers to think outside the box in terms of solutions for delivery issues. Innovative strategies are not just a bonus – they’re a necessity to stand out in a crowded market. 

ShipStation provides a comprehensive guide for online merchants to tailor their delivery services effectively. It highlights the importance of adopting flexible, customer-centric approaches to meet the unique demands of the holiday season. A staggering £202 billion is projected to be spent on online marketplaces, heralding a new era of digital holiday shopping – so it’s time for online merchants to get informed and get a delivery strategy in place. ShipStation’s Peak Season Report 2023: Building a risk-resistant ecommerce strategy emerges as an essential guide in this journey and an invaluable resource for retailers looking to thrive in the face of new consumer behaviours and delivery issues and challenges.

Delivery Desires – A Consumer’s Perspective

Consumer delivery expectations are always evolving, with a distinct shift towards seeking more reliability and efficiency in shipping services. Let’s delve into the key preferences shaping consumer choices this holiday season:

  • Speed of Delivery: The holiday season amplifies the need for timely deliveries. Consumers are placing more value on the speed at which their purchases reach them, making it a critical factor in their shopping decisions.
  • Cost and Convenience: The balance between affordability and convenience is more crucial than ever. Shoppers are looking for options that avoid delivery issues and provide both cost-effectiveness and ease of service.
  • Transparency: Clear communication regarding the parcel journey is becoming increasingly important. Customers now expect more transparent tracking and regular updates on their deliveries.

For a more comprehensive understanding of these evolving consumer preferences, ShipStation’s Peak Season Report 2023 offers an in-depth exploration and actionable insights, guiding retailers to effectively cater to these new expectations.

Devising a Winning Holiday Delivery Strategy

Online merchants must perfect the delicate balance of delivery speed, cost, and customer satisfaction. Let’s explore how some strategic adjustments in these areas can effectively address consumer expectations and streamline retailers’ delivery processes during this Christmas season.

  • Balancing Delivery Speed and Cost: Highlight the equal importance of delivery speed and cost during the peak season, as customers expect quick deliveries for the big day. In fact, over half of UK shoppers anticipate online purchases to arrive within just two days during the holiday season.
  • Consumer Willingness to Pay for Premium Services: Don’t undervalue your premium services options. It is important to note that a significant portion of consumers, 61%, are open to paying up to £6 extra for services like same-day or next-day delivery. Plus, a major 78% of digital natives specifically are willing to pay additional charges for premium delivery.
  • Implementing a Dual Approach in Delivery Options: Investigate how strategic moves like incorporating premium delivery choices alongside low-cost alternatives can transform your offerings and better cater to the 39% of shoppers who feel the impact of high shipping costs. These kinds of tactics not only cater to a broader range of customer preferences but also introduce additional revenue streams that can offset the costs associated with free delivery, ultimately boosting profitability.

Innovative Delivery Issue Solutions 

Addressing the holiday season’s delivery demands means tapping into consumer insights and deploying the right tools. With 40% of global consumers concerned about late deliveries and 37% wary of missing parcels, retailers must prioritise speed and security in their delivery strategies. Tools like ShipStation offer dynamic solutions like real-time tracking, directly addressing the 15% of consumers who prioritise visibility in their deliveries.

Given that 74% of consumers are looking to reduce spending, cost-effective yet efficient delivery becomes critical. Implementing technologies for optimised routing not only accelerates delivery times but also keeps operational costs in check. Moreover, with Deloitte‘s finding that 8 in 10 people are willing to meet a minimum purchase threshold for free shipping, online merchants have the opportunity to strategically offer free shipping while managing their bottom line.

In essence, leveraging advanced shipping tools and adjusting delivery models to meet consumer expectations are key. By providing transparent, timely, and secure delivery options, retailers can navigate the holiday rush effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining loyalty in a competitive market.

Leading the Holiday Shipping Transformation

The Christmas season, with its unique challenges and opportunities, serves as a perfect crucible for testing and refining strategies. ShipStation’s Peak Season Report 2023 stands as an indispensable tool in this transformation. It offers not just a glimpse into the current state of e-commerce delivery but provides actionable strategies and insights to thrive in this environment.

For retailers looking to lead, this report is a roadmap to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. As the holiday season approaches, there’s no better time to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools necessary to revolutionise your strategy and reduce delivery issues by downloading ShipStation’s Peak Season Report 2023: Building a risk-resistant ecommerce strategy.

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