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Published on January 4, 2022
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It’s that time of the year again—the one when we give all the mothers out there a big, “Thank you!” and let them know how much we care, usually with gifts. And we don’t give gifts just to our mothers. We also give them to stepmothers, wives, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, godmothers and friends. So it’s no wonder the #2 holiday in retail sales is Mother’s Day, after Christmas/Hanukkah.

Those sales numbers are impressive. Last year the NRF predicted $21.4 billion in Mother’s Day sales, with 37.6% of items purchased online.

Get yourself a slice of that pie! Here are some tips to gain those e-commerce Mother’s Day sales:

  • Urgency: Time is flying by, and not everyone is watching their calendar. Some folks may not even be aware of how close Mother’s Day is! Let shoppers know that Mother’s Day is coming up soon, by including countdown clocks to Mother’s Day on your website and social media. Make sure to also promote last-minute gifts (such as gift cards) and shipping options (such as expedited shipping) for procrastinators.
  • E-mail: Don’t let your mailing lists go to waste for the second-highest sales holiday. You should send different types of emails and Subject Lines to capture interest and gain sales. Specific emails could be focused on gift suggestions, sales, last-minute options. Make sure to use catchy subject lines, such as the ones mentioned here.
  • Images. Get folks in the mood to buy for Mother’s Day! Change up your Website and social media headers by including Mother’s Day-specific online sales images. ShipStation has some free images you can use, here.
  • We have become a coupon culture, where everyone expects a discount. Create a special, or several discounts, for Mother’s Day. The most common deals to interest Mother’s Day shoppers include free shipping (55%), price cuts (44%) and coupons (41%). You can even get free Mother’s Day coupon images, and add text and other information using the free graphic design tool, Canva. Don’t forget to promote your sale through email and on social media, using hashtags such as #mothersdaygift.
  • Gift Guide: According to the NRF survey, last year consumers planned to spend $4.2 billion on jewelry (given by 35.3 percent of shoppers), $2.4 billion on flowers (66.5 percent), $2.2 billion on gift cards (43.2 percent), and $1.9 billion respectively on clothing (35.4 percent) and consumer electronics (13.8 percent). If you sell those items, or other great gift items for Mom, showcase them on your website. You can create a Gift Guide with items based on what type of Mom customers are buying for (cook, athlete, book lover).

Mother’s Day is a hugely lucrative holiday for online retailers if you do it right! Jumping headfirst into your marketing can help you make this one of the most profitable holidays of the year. It’s time to make some sales!

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