Different Types of Facebook Ads and What Will Work Best for Your Business

Published on January 4, 2022
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Facebook ads can drive new shoppers to your online store and remind loyal customers of your products and services. Depending on your objective, you can use Facebook advertising to bring prospects directly to your website or invite them to sign up for a newsletter, blog or email promotions.

So, once you have decided to invest in a Facebook marketing program and set up your account, the next step is to create ads that will help you achieve your overall goals. Planning your campaign is essential, because Facebook has a multitude of advertising options for desktop and mobile platforms.

Here is a guide, provided by ThriveHive, to the various types of Facebook ads available to online retailers. These ads typically appear on the right side of the page or in the viewer’s Newsfeed amid the posts of Facebook friends.

  • Website Advertising. These ads can include an enticing photo or video with brief text designed to drive visitors to your company’s website. This is the most direct way to gain new customers, and often includes special offers to encourage an immediate purchase.
  • External Link Ads. If you have a blog post, you can use these ads to bring visitors to that site. These ads, which typically have brief text and a link, appear in Facebook’s Newsfeed, making it easy for visitors to “Like” your page or offer comments.
  • Multi-Product Carousel Ads. With this option, you can display up to three different products with a link to your store. Many retailers like these ads because they give consumers more than one reason to click on your link.
  • Photo Ads. Many retailers use photos to showcase their products. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Facebook lets you target consumers with engaging photos, brief text and a link to your store.


  • Video Ads. Do you want to show someone using your product? Create an engaging testimonial? Show consumers how your product operates or give them different views (front, side and back, for instance)? Video ads can do all of the above, and more. Today’s consumers love the movement, action and authenticity of videos, making them a natural choice for online retailers.


  • Text-Only Ads. Text ads can be a great choice if your product or service is not photogenic, or if you want a lower-cost campaign, since there’s no need to hire a photographer or videographer. These ads may not generate as much traffic as a photo of video ad, but can still create new leads for your business.
  • ‘Likes’ Ads. These ads have one purpose: increase the number of “likes” for your business’ Facebook page. This feature helps you target more consumers who may be interested in your products and services.
  • Promotional Offer Ads. Consumers simply click on these ads to receive your offer, along with instructions on how to redeem it. It’s an excellent way to generate immediate sales and give shoppers an opportunity to see what other products or services you offer. 

The field of online advertising is evolving at a rapid pace, and Facebook is no exception, In January, Facebook introduced a new option called lead ads, which allows businesses to offer a “context card” with more information on their offers. If you wanted to sign up consumers for your newsletter, for instance, you could include information about that content on your context card. TheSkimm, a daily email newsletter, saw its lead quality improve by 22 percent after adding a context card, according to Facebook.


Whatever your digital or mobile marketing goals, there’s a Facebook ad that can help you hit that target!

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