Solving a 15-year-old problem, Earhoox keeps your earbuds where they belong: in your ears!

Where They Sell
“"ShipStation allowed us to scale enough to move out of our homes and into our own warehouse. Now we live and breathe ShipStation every day."” Helmut Wyzisk III & Jeff Becker Co-Founders

My favorite e-commerce businesses are the ones solving a problem simply and elegantly. That’s Earhoox. How did the idea strike you?

By literally watching people continually pause their commute, workout and life to pick up their earbuds. Jeff and I were those people who struggled with loose earbuds, and the only option at the time was to invest hundreds in a pair of sport headphones. We already had a drawer full of earbuds that didn’t work and the only thing they were missing was a rubber attachment – so that’s what we made and Earhoox were born!

Earhoox offers free shipping AND free priority shipping based on quantity. How often do you see customers adding more to hit those thresholds?

We decided to implement this just a few months ago and the results have actually been shockingly positive. By adding free shipping incentives, we immediately saw a 30% increase in our average checkout price – and it’s continued to stay there. In addition to that, we also decided to add some priority express options for both domestic and international, which our customers opt for more than we ever expected.

What are some of your own best practices that could help another growing e-commerce?

See each customer issue as an opportunity to gain an ambassador. Some issues are impossible to avoid, such as packages being lost in transit or damaged upon arrival – and in those cases we focus on being responsive and excited to solve the problem. If you’re friendly and fix the issue quickly then you’re likely to turn a frustrated customer into a raving customer. Since ShipStation consolidates all our selling channels into one dashboard, these issues can be solved very fast.

What are you doing to grow your business in different and unique ways?

One of the more unique ways we’ve spread the word is through our referral contest ( This contest gives people the ability to win prizes such as free earhoox, t-shirts and free Apple AirPods just for sharing Earhoox with their friends. The more of your friends that sign up for the contest, the bigger the prizes you win. We’re relaunching this campaign with new prizes in just a few weeks. The last time we ran it, we received about 300,000 entries in only 2 weeks!

How has ShipStation changed the way you operate your business?

It’s changed everything! We went from living in piles of stamps and postage scales. Three to four years ago, ShipStation got us out of that and allowed us to scale enough to move out of our homes and into our own warehouse. Now we live and breathe ShipStation everyday.

What ShipStation feature has improved your workflow the most?

Two immediately come to mind: Ability to quote and ship using all carriers in one dashboard. That was a game changer. Also, the fact that ShipStation seemlessly communicates with our shopping cart, has the weights and service mapped, and we’re just one click away from slapping labels on packages. Oh, and absolutely love the ability to custom brand our shipment notifications to our customers. Saves us so much hassle on customer service. All that and your price works fantastic with our growing brand.