Woodworking is an art that takes time to master. This is Jane’s story from Offerman Woodshop!

Where They Sell
“ShipStation helps us streamline our orders and track shipments easily. It's been a game changer!” Jane Parrott Ship Master

What is the best part about working at Offerman Woodshop?

It’s a small tight-knit family-like business. The wood shop is a collective that supports itself so we are all simultaneously working for ourselves and for the shop. Though I run the shipping department I also make things here. We all have individual projects and then larger projects we work on that come through the shop. It makes the work environment more like a small tight-knit family-like business. We all take care of each other and are supportive of new endeavors. When someone is working out a project we all take time to give feedback on design/build issues. We are friends and co-workers. The best part about working here is working with friends.

You probably knew the question was coming, but what is it like to work with Ron Swan… I mean Nick Offerman?

Working with Nick is like working alongside a Japanese sensei out of Mad magazine. He is a mentor and a prankster. He has a lot of energy and whether he’s here all week or for an hour he manages to make you feel like there’s a lot to do and you better get to it! He’s a great guy… and yes Ron does show his face here and there.

Favorite Offerman Woodshop product?

The Ramblin’ Rump-Stump, it’s a very stylish collapsible camp chair. Michele designed it based on a classic scout design. It’s nice when something gets reinvented in the shop and made anew. Wood working can be pretty hip.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation makes things much faster for me to ship orders. Something that used to be exciting has become quite a large task and the ease of ShipStation has brought back a bit of that excitement and taken away the dread of spending a long time with a task we barely get paid to do. I am still discovering tools that make things easier and faster! Every time a friend signs up they let me know soon how thankful they are I nudged them in to signing up. They honestly don’t know how they shipped before having it and I feel the same way.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature and how has ShipStation helped you with your business?

ShipStation helps us streamline our orders and track shipping easily. Before ShipStation we just used the Pony Express which people thought was cute but it took a lot longer for them to get their packages. It’s been a game changer! The various search capabilities are tremendously helpful for managing orders. Also the easy Return Shipment button saves tons of work. Basically it does a lot of tedious work for you that you don’t have to do anymore and that’s really great.