3 Tips to Revamp Returns

Published on August 17, 2022
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In the first week of 2021, UPS accepted 1.75 million returns into its system every day. This number is staggering, though not unexpected. Ecommerce surpassed levels not expected until 2025 last year, as consumers were forced to shop differently.

Embracing returns is non-negotiable in today’s competitive retail environment. Consumers expect more from their favorite brands and will not hesitate to shop with a competitor if the service they expect is not provided. A seamless, generous and customer-centric returns program is essential to surviving and thriving in retail today. But how can retailers truly embrace returns, meet customer expectations and still remain profitable? Here are our 3 tips to revamp your returns.

Reduce your return rate by improving your product data.

81% of consumers said better fit technology and size guides would help reduce the amount they return. Robust and accurate product descriptions can help consumers make an informed decision, ensuring that what turns up on their doorstep meets their expectations. 

Australian retailer, The Iconic, reportedly shaved 6.5% off their rate of return in 2020, crediting new browsing features, like more product images, detailed descriptions of material and measurement, augmented reality, and video displays. This improvement in product information helped customers select the right product for them, and reduce the likelihood the product would be returned.

Optimise your returns journey

84% of shoppers won’t come back to a brand if they have a poor returns experience – you’ll not only lose the sale, you’ll lose the customer. Ecommerce returns rose 70% in 2020 – systems and processes were tested, stretched, and strained. 

Embracing returns includes optimising the returns journey and removing any friction, ensuring an exceptional customer experience. In fact, almost 40% of consumers are more likely to shop with a retailer if the returns process was simple and pain-free.

Reduce the cost of returns

Ensuring your returns shipping is optimised will not only make the processes quicker but will also be lighter on your bottom line. A quick turnaround process is a better experience for the consumer but also gets the unwanted product back into stock and available to sell.

84% of consumers want to be able to choose whether to return items in-store or online. Encourage in-store returns and empower sales staff to save the sale with an exchange.

In some cases, it may even be cheaper to let the customer keep the unwanted product, and encourage them to gift or donate it. You’ve saved the shipping cost and provided an unforgettable customer experience.

Empowering brands to sell more every day

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