A Look Ahead: Important Dates, Data and Tips for 2022

Published on August 17, 2022
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The last couple of years have taken all of us in e-commerce on a tumultuous ride. As a result, many are looking at 2022 with excitement … and, perhaps, a bit of trepidation. We know e-commerce is growing and has accelerated faster in recent months than anyone could have imagined. And we know many more challenges are coming our way. 

However, preparation is a key ingredient to success. With that in mind, we’ve poured encouraging tips, ideas and reminders in our 2022 e-commerce calendar. Now available for January-June 2022, it includes short prompts and links to more detailed resources in areas such as:

  • Digital Marketing. Whether you’re looking for best practices in retail media or tips to ride the popular wave of video content, we’ve got little gems of information tucked throughout each month. 
  • Events. Thinking of attending Retail Fest or the Power Retail All Star Bash? We’ve got these dates — and more — marked.
  • E-Commerce Success. We all can use a little inspiration to keep us motivated. Check out the stories we’ve sprinkled into several dates to see how others have met and overcome challenges in their businesses. 
  • Brand Analytics. From nurturing strong and healthy retailer relationships to providing high-quality product content, the multiple priorities brands must balance are highlighted.
  • Consumer Behavior. What are some of the biggest influences on a purchasing choice — or a decision to abandon a cart? Find out what Australian shoppers are thinking with stats from our recent consumer survey. 
  • Local and International Holidays. Whether you sell exclusively to domestic consumers or you’ve branched out to other continents, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be aware of special dates and holidays your consumers are likely to celebrate. 

And that’s just the preview. Download the 2022 calendar now to receive strategies and insights to apply throughout the first half of the new year. 

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