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Published on January 4, 2022
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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is at the core of your business. Often mediated by software and technology, business processes are managed in real-time through ERP. They offer many solutions for business processes such as accounting, inventory management, order processing, ecommerce, human resources, customer relations management (CRM), and more.

Whether you’re implementing your first ERP software system or replacing an outdated system, it’s likely your company will encounter challenges. Usually needing support or training, ERP implementation projects are complex and extensive. However, with proper planning, an efficient solution provider can lessen the load and accelerate your business.

Dynamic Tech Services Provides Solutions

Founded in 1996, Dynamic Tech Services has provided top-notch service and support to approximately 400 installations in 25 countries and 35 US states. Through the years, Dynamic Tech Services has used best practices to help manage ERP implementation projects to stay on track, in scope, and within budget. Here is what Dynamic Tech Services can do for you.

Business Consulting  

Keeping your business on track is a full-time job. As companies grow in size and revenue, they also outgrow old processes and routines. Let Dynamic Tech Services’ Business Consulting Services build you an ERP solution that will keep your business growth on target.

Technical Support

Dynamic Tech Services offers top quality support services for ERP customers. A primary consultant is assigned to customers to assist with all their support needs. When you need help, it is good to know who to call.

Training for success

Leverage your investment in an ERP by investing in proper training. Partner with Dynamic Tech Services to learn how the system functions and to empower your staff to work more efficiently.

Software Development

When the standard tools are just not enough or your industry requires custom processes, procedures and/or data capture, Dynamic Tech Services can help.  Their development resources can create simple screen modifications or build entire systems to work separately or with your ERP.

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