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Getting Ship Done: A Holiday Contest

Posted on December 7, 2015 by

Black Friday & Cyber Monday are behind us and we know you’re working hard this holiday season. We here at ShipStation want to reward you with a friendly contest!


One Month of ShipStation AND $200 Postage

Just follow these rules to enter:

  1. Follow ShipStation on Twitter & Instagram
  2. Earn one entry for each channel post: Post a unique image of your packages before they’re shipped on Twitter & Instagram and tag @ShipStation. NOTE: The image CANNOT be the same for both Twitter & Instagram. One post per day, per channel. That’s 2 entries!
  3. Earn additional entries for each channel post: If you tag a fellow ecommerce business in your post, you’ll get an additional entry (one unique tag per post) for that day. This means if you post on Twitter and tag someone AND post on Instagram and tag someone different, you get 4 entries for that day. NOTE: Each ecommerce business tagged must be different—no reusing friends!
  4. Earn one MORE entry for each post: Use the hashtag #getshipdone (once per post) to get ANOTHER entry!
  5. The deadlines to post are December 11th, 18th and 23rd by 3 pm CST. We’ll draw 2 winners at the end of each week—that’s 6 Grand Prize winners! We’ll announce on Twitter and Instagram so make sure to check back!


We love how many of you are already showing off your label waterfalls and package pyramids and you deserve a prize, so enter now and earn yourself a free month of ShipStation and $200 of postage from

Now let’s see you get ship done!

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