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Published on January 4, 2022
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This blog was written by Lauren Macdonald, of eBridge Connections. 

Hey sellers! We know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be an exciting (albeit stressful) time of year. To help relieve some of the stress and anxiety, we recommend removing manual data entry from your day-to-day process before the Black Friday/Cyber Monday rush when orders will be flooding in at rapid fire pace.

Shipping automation through ShipStation is a great start. But, to really ‘knock the ball out of the park’ this year, try integrating your back-office application with your eCommerce store, online marketplace, or retail trading partners. It can make a world of a difference this Black Friday/Cyber Monday and save you a lot of time, money, and manual data entry frustration.

How shipping automation helps you step up to the plate:

ShipStation is a ‘heavy-hitting’ player in the eCommerce world, and you definitely want these guys on your team this Black Friday/Cyber Monday season. Shipping automation will set you up for success on this busy retail weekend by:

  • Importing your orders from just about any selling channel, create shipping labels, and ship your packages out in record time
  • Allowing you to fully customize your shipping and order fulfillment processes to meet your unique business needs
  • Empowering you to sell more and grow your business without needing to worry about handling large order volumes

How accounting/ERP integration is the logical ‘next step’:

With ShipStation you can rest assured that your packages will be shipping in a timely fashion regardless of how many orders you receive this Black Friday/Cyber Monday. But, how will this information reach your back-office accounting/ERP system just as quickly?

Being unable to keep up with manual order entry between your online store and back-office accounting/ERP application could result in strikes against your business such as:

  • Orders are missed or inputted incorrectly as a result of re-keying data by hand *Strike 1*
  • Your inventory levels according to your accounting/ERP system are not accurately reflecting what you really have left in stock… meaning you might sell more of an item than you actually have available *Strike 2*
  • You or your employees may become overwhelmed by the workload and feel like you’ll never catch up and you’ll be rushing to get things back on track which may result in further data entry errors that could be costly for your business *Strike 3*

The answer to your problems? An accounting/ERP integration solution can help by enabling bi-directional data exchange between eCommerce platforms or marketplaces and the leading accounting/ERP packages. This means your orders, inventory levels, shipping updates, customer information, and more will move seamlessly between systems without you having to lift a finger!

We know that you’re just one person. By integrating your accounting/ERP package with your eCommerce store, online marketplace, retail trading partners, etc., you can have a fully-managed solution that will connect your systems, transfer your data automatically, and streamline your business processes.

Plus, you can add your ShipStation software to the integration solution as well.

The most efficient sellers are the ones who have ALL of their important business systems and applications integrated so that they are all communicating effectively with one another. By integrating ShipStation into the mix, you can connect your back-office ERP with your online stores, retail trading partners, AND your shipping automation software. This is the sellers’ equivalent of a grand slam!

Whether you use NetSuite, Sage, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Epicor, or another leading accounting/ERP application, all of your systems will be automated and your business will run smoother and more efficiently than ever before.

Try this Blueprint Builder to see what connectors you can add to your all-encompassing, universal integration solution.

If the anticipation of Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders has you feeling overwhelmed or losing sleep, reach out to eBridge Connections anytime and learn how an eBridge integration solution could save you time and money.


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