DHL Express and ShipStation

Use DHL Express and ShipStation for Better Overseas Shipping

August 10, 2018


Are you shipping internationally but not express yet? If you’re not offering premium shipping to international shoppers, it’s time to start. According to research conducted by DHL, retailers who provide a faster shipping option alongside standard options grow 1.6x faster than those who don’t.

DHL Express is the global market leader for door-to-door express delivery. The shipping provider offers reliable delivery in 1-4 business days and real-time online tracking. And they also have unparalleled customs expertise. Offering DHL Express as a shipping option makes customers confident their orders will get to their destination — fast.

Here’s how the partnership between DHL Express and ShipStation can improve your international shipping and benefit your brand.

Connecting DHL Express and ShipStation

DHL Express offers discounted rates for U.S.-based ShipStation users who add a DHL Express account in ShipStation. DHL Express and ShipStation enable you to easily optimize express international shipping. As a result, both you and your customers benefit. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Display DHL Express as an option for your customers at store checkout.
  2. Set ShipStation to automatically apply DHL Express to appropriate orders when they import.

After completing these steps, your checkout will display nearly the same rates* as what you pay for your DHL Express labels in ShipStation. (Note: this only applies to eligible selling channels.) The Service Mapping feature then assigns DHL Express shipping to these orders when they import — saving you valuable time.

To show the DHL Express calculated rates at checkout, you’ll need to complete specific steps for each selling channel. Click the following links for step-by-step instructions for the available selling channels:

  • Shopify
  • eBay (coming soon)
  • ChannelAdvisor (coming soon)
  • WooCommerce (coming soon)
  • BigCommerce (coming soon)
  • Magento (coming soon)

The Benefits of Using DHL Express

Introducing DHL Express is a low-risk move that can yield a great return on investment (ROI). And even merchants who sell at lower price points can boost their ROI by offering DHL Express.

Many cross-border purchases are inspired by special occasions or are emotionally-driven. In these cases, consumers are often willing to kick in the extra bucks for faster delivery. So it often pays to offer a premium shipping option in addition to the standard shipping options. DHL Express and ShipStation make it easy to show shoppers you’re committed to the customer experience.

*Rates will depend on both weight and package dimensions. To ensure rates between ShipStation and customer checkout are as close as possible, confirm the weights and package dimensions used between the two platforms match.

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