Jamersan’s “Ecommerce Makeover” Series Filled With Insights For Growing Sellers

Published on April 1, 2022
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Jamersan has been helping businesses get more out of their ecommerce businesses for more than 20 years. Using those decades of expertise, they have created a new Ecommerce Makeover video series to inform and inspire anyone in the ecommerce space to think about their business and learn how to grow strategically for better customer and business value alike. In this series, Jamersan CEO follows Ken who runs Bulk Candy Store to see what has changed with the business throughout Covid-19, how their ecommerce side of the business has gained steam, and how their processes could use some modernization to maintain customer satisfaction.

About Jamersan’s New Ecommerce Makeover Series

The video series is divided into 12 parts, including the introduction, and covers tools, platforms, and services Bulk Candy Store tests to boost their business. It covers companies like BigCommerce, ShipperHQ, and—of course—yours truly, ShipStation. 

Each episode clocks in around 12 minutes, but each is filled with information not only about the platforms they test, but about the issues they face and their roots, the conceptual roots behind what needs to be solved, and why it matters. There is also an ebook filled with what to look at first when you think about how to makeover your own ecommerce business that is also chock full of major discounts and trials for many of the companies participating in the program, offering a substantial boost for very little monetary investment to anyone who wants to take on the makeover task. 

Key Takeaways For Ecommerce Sellers

Jamersan isn’t looking at a superficial makeover in this series. It isn’t about shiny new graphics or “facelift” solutions so much as digging deep and really exploring the questions, “How does this offer business value? How does this offer customer value?” Instead, it shows us an example of one particular business—in this case, Bulk Candy Store—and highlights the right solutions for that business while following a path of logic that lets any ecommerce seller ask the right questions to find the focus and solutions tailored specifically to their business based on their particular needs. 

Here is the list of products, platforms, and services that Bulk Candy Store trials throughout their makeover, offering feedback each step of the way about what really worked for them and made a difference, what didn’t, and what they believe will in the future.

  • BigCommerce
  • ShipperHQ
  • ShipStation
  • Gorgias
  • Klevu
  • Klaviyo
  • JustUno
  • Recharge
  • Avalara
  • Stamped

If you’ve been interested in any of these options for your own ecommerce business, then the series is a good way to see a real-world use-case of how these solutions can come together. 

ShipStation’s Episode Of Jamersan’s “Ecommerce Makeover” Video Series

Our role in Bulk Candy Store’s transformation is an important one. With ShipStation, they’re able to modernize their shipping workflow with shipping automations, branded tracking, and easy platform integrations. 

Since they migrated to the BigCommerce platform earlier in the series, integrating ShipStation was as simple as installing and linking it with BigCommerce. They were very grateful to have an integrations expert they could contact directly for months nevertheless to clear up any questions that cropped up. 

Promising functions for Bulk Candy Store also included shipping automation that allows for order filtering based on prerequisites such as heat-sensitive items to the pickers and packers can see which boxes require an ice pack and which need quick shipping.

Among the most beneficial and time-saving functions of ShipStation for Bulk Candy Store is our existence as a SaaS rather than a standalone software. With their prior service, they were limited to computers that had the software installed and, even then, struggled often with updates so that the machines in the warehouse would play nice together, causing substantial delays. With ShipStation, company users can login from anywhere and retrieve the information they need, even an office computer well away from the shipping area. They are no longer confined to a single space and never have to worry about losing time to updates. 

Check out the “Ecommerce Makeover” video series by Jamersan. Or, go ahead and start a trial of ShipStation to see how we can help you makeover and grow your ecommerce business.

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