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Published on January 4, 2022
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We are ecstatic to announce our newest partnership with Irish Titan! Founded by Darin Lynch in 2004 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Irish Titan is a full service digital agency specializing in eCommerce, complex websites and digital strategy. Their “Business First. Online Second.” strategy ensures that everything they do is designed to support and benefit their clients’ business. Basically, whatever Irish Titan creates for a partner will look good, it will work well and it will deliver results. Sounds like our kind of partner.

Some of their key features include:

At Irish Titan, they speak fluent eCommerce. They create elegant and efficient user experiences for your customers, and increased revenue for your business.

Complex Websites:
Designing and building complex websites is not something they merely dabble in at Irish Titan; it’s what they do every day. Their team of talented designers and developers will ensure your site has the features and functionality needed to attract, engage and retain customers.

Digital Strategy:
Simply having a website is not enough. For a website to be effective it has to support your business. The DS team at Irish Titan will collaborate with you to formulate a strategy designed to maximize the awareness and productivity of your online presence.

Your design is the first thing that introduces your brand to the marketplace. Irish Titans designers will use their expertise to visually represent your brand in a stylish, functional and memorable way.

Custom Development:
Sometimes you need more robust functionality than just a website. Irish Titan has the personnel and the capacity to execute complex, sophisticated development work. Whatever you need, they can develop and build it.

If you build a great site in the woods but no one ever visits it, did you ever really build it? In other words, it doesn’t matter how great your website or ecommerce platform is if people can’t find it. Irish Titan will make sure the people who are looking for you, find you. That’s SEO.

Managed Services:
A partnership with Irish Titan doesn’t have to end once your site is launched. Development Support, ongoing Digital Strategy, a short-term SEO engagement; these are all Managed Services elements available to ensure the continuing growth and success of your business.

Branding & Identity:
What does your business do? How do you do it? Very importantly, why do you do it? And who do you do it for? These are the questions that will help Irish Titan partner with you to create a brand voice and an identity that truly reflects your company’s values and vision.

Email Marketing:
Combine your email list/database with Irish Titan’s strategic and marketing expertise, and the result is an appealing design and relevant copy that will strengthen your offers and improve conversions.


Customer Testimonial:

“Kudos to your [Irish Titan] team! They did an awesome, amazing job! I have Kelly and the team an aggressive timeline for the project and a little pressure a couple times along the way, but Kelly and the team responded in a big way and came through like Champs!! I absolutely love my new site!!”

– Randy Parmley (Founder of Crumb Gourmet Deli)

With an extensive list of features and powerful testimonials, like the one above, it’s no surprise why ShipStation is thrilled to partner with Irish Titan.

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