Lessons from BigCommerce’s 150 years of Holiday campaigns

Published on January 4, 2022
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Our friends at BigCommerce have compiled quite a list. They looked at 150 years of the best Holiday marketing campaigns and delivered 24 chapters with key takeaways. It is a great list to read through and think how this may benefit your business.

A few lessons

Who hasn’t heard of NORAD and its Santa Claus tracker, for example? Trust us, we know from first-hand experience how much people want to track during the Holidays, whether it’s their packages or Santa Claus himself. NORAD made tracking all kinds of fun. Do you know you can customize your customer’s tracking experience? See our handy help article for more.

BigCommerce’s list starts in the 1800s with the famed retail Holiday window displays. Read all about the fascinating history here. And if your website is your store, start thinking about the “window display” on your website that draws people in for the holidays!

Talking about drawing folks in. Another example listed by BigCommerce is Starbucks’ red cup. Take a moment to think about your own packaging. Are you making a statement? Are you delighting your customers as they unbox their shipment? A good place to start is our “Brand Your Shipping” webinar.

Starbucks kept it simple in 2015. Another example of keeping it simple is Target and its clean Black Friday catalog that focuses on price. What is your pricing strategy for Black Friday? Is it the best price of the year? And importantly, what is your shipping cost strategy? We’ve talked about this before; shipping can make or break that online conversion!

The complete list

Go ahead and head over to BigCommerce to read all 24 chapters to get some ideas of your own. Don’t forget to ask yourself in each chapter: what can I take away from this for my shipping strategy?





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