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Published on January 4, 2022
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Brand storytelling creates a persona for your business that encourages shoppers to form a relationship with you. It supports engaging with more customers while simultaneously raising your SEO ranking. In an overcrowded space, break out of the clutter with proper brand storytelling. The greatest brands, the ones you can easily name, have all mastered this fundamental process.

You can be next.

Unlock your potential by taking advantage of our newest agency partner, Sellry’s brand storytelling and marketing expertise. The diverse team of developers and UX designers at their agency work with companies to create, adapt, and expand their e-commerce brands. They outfit you with every tool you require to gain conversions. From growing brands to well-established ones, Sellery focuses on the best practices to help your business tell its story.

Data-driven results help their clients evaluate the success of their efforts and mark the strongest approaches to proceed with. They work in close collaboration to assess the productivity of their recommendations. Part of their process includes their “experiment pipeline” where they slowly implement their suggestions through A/B testing and ensure you aren’t missing any possible solution.

Frictionless Shopping

Everyone wants their online shopping journey to be seamless. Running into roadblocks like constantly re-entering your credit card information or not offering your top payment choice can lead to empty carts. Sellry equips your business with the tools to overcome hurdles like these to help create positive impressions of your online shop. The easier it is to buy, the higher your conversions.

ShipStation and Sellry integrate to help you navigate your ecommerce storytelling experience. Building a strong brand through storytelling is an endeavor you can’t miss. Unlike social media posts, brand stories can positively increase traffic to your site for many years to come. Learn more about the ShipStation and Sellry partnership today.

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