Two for the Price of One: ShipStation Integrates with UPS UK & Australia

Published on January 4, 2022
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Today we’re happy to announce an expansion in services for our international users-to-be! Adding a second carrier for Australian ecommerce merchants, we’ve also added UPS UK, our first foray into the United Kingdom. ShipStation will help one of the largest ecommerce markets in the world get ship done faster and more efficiently than ever before. We take our mission statement seriously when we say we want to make you exceptionally efficient wherever you sell, and are excited to provide the online merchants of the UK with the best shipping software available.

“We’re thrilled to provide UK and Australian retailers with this integration,” says ShipStation’s VP of Marketing, Robert Gilbreath. “By offering a feature-rich integration with UPS UK and Australia, we are helping our users become exceptionally efficient at fulfilling orders, wherever they sell and however they ship.”

Users across the pond and down under will now be able to automate simple tasks, like assigning users to orders, tagging orders, applying shipping services, and more, while housing orders from multiple channels under one dashboard.

Adding to recent integrations in Canada, the integration with UPS UK and UPS Australia continues the concerted efforts ShipStation has made to expand their services to online merchants across the globe. “Selling online today is easier and faster than ever before,” says Gilbreath. “E-commerce businesses are popping up all over the world, every day. ShipStation is the platform they use that gives them the options they need.”

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