Since 1910, Carlo’s Bakery has been crafting and baking some of the best confections, sweets, and cakes in New Jersey. Now, ShipStation is helping them get those amazing baked goods across the country and into your homes (& bellies!)

Where They Sell
“The amount of time Carlo’s Bakery has manually handled the various aspects of the shipping and fulfillment process has been reduced to just a few clicks with ShipStation.” John Carson IT Manager

We all know that Carlo’s Bakery makes the best tasting, highest quality wedding cakes, specialty cakes and baked goods in the universe, but how and where did it all begin?

Carlo’s Bakery is a family-owned bakery located in Hoboken, New Jersey. “Carlo’s”, originally opened by Carlo Guastaffero in 1910, was acquired by Bartolo Valastro Sr. in 1964. Since the passing of Bartolo in 1994, matriarch Mary Valastro, along with her daughters, Grace, Maddalena, Mary and Lisa, her son, master baker Bartolo, Jr. “Buddy” Valastro (a.k.a. “The Cake Boss”), and their spouses have maintained the business.

What led you to seek out a shipping solution like ShipStation?

Carlo’s Bakery has been in business for more than 100 years, with little to no change in its process since its grand opening. We’ve been working toward modernizing our operations, making the move from pen and paper to the digital world of eCommerce. As the bakery continued to grow in popularity, fans from around the world started requesting Carlo’s to ship its award-winning products to them. The challenge became figuring out how to ship our fresh baked goods without sacrificing taste or quality. We concluded that we would need a technology-based solution that would help us streamline our operation and improve our shipping capabilities; a solution that would be easy to implement, be cost effective, and improve our order and shipping efficiency. With today’s shipping costs at record levels, more and more businesses are looking to web-based shipping solutions that can help moderate these costs. And while reducing costs was a major factor in selecting a solution, additional benefits, including features to help eliminate tedious tasks, reduce human error and accomplish more in fewer steps, played a big role.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

With ShipStation, Carlo’s Bakery has effectively gained a scalable solution to efficiently handle our rapid growth. We are now achieving its domestic delivery goals and streamlining our shipping process. By adding ShipStation, we’ve been able to keep a close eye on all our shipping-related costs and services through consolidated reporting. In addition, we utilize ShipStation’s simple filters for easy access to customer information and address verification, and bi-directional data sharing with our eCommerce and CSR platforms, enabling us to offer the highest quality of service to our customers.

Do you have any final thoughts you’d like to share about ShipStation?

Since adopting ShipStation as our internal shipping solution, our daily workflow has greatly improved and we have become much more efficient in getting our products out to our incredible fans and customers around the world. The amount of time Carlo’s Bakery has manually handled the various aspects of the shipping and fulfillment process has now been reduced to just a few clicks with ShipStation. Thanks to our friends at ShipStation, we can now more easily and more efficiently get our award-winning cakes and baked goods to families across the country.