Music Go Round Boston is a locally owned and operated retailer of used and unique musical equipment, a part of the national MGR franchise. Their motto is “REUSE, RECYCLE, ROCK!” and they try to connect their customers (whether they find them online or in their brick and mortar store in Natick, MA) with cool pre-owned gear at a great price.

Where They Sell
“Finally, a web-hosted portal where we can aggregate customer information, shipping and tracking for orders, as well as compare pricing!” Gray Bouchard Online Retail Manager

Shipping musical instruments must be a delicate (and probably somewhat difficult) process. What’s been the biggest obstacle?

Probably the trickiest part of the entire process has been accurately gauging the shipping fees. The gear we sell comes in all shapes and sizes and we ship worldwide, so it can be difficult to know exactly how much to charge for shipping a particular piece. ShipStation has helped us immensely with this in particular regard, making it easy to compare the rates of multiple providers and allowing us to get an accurate estimate upon customer request.

How has ShipStation helped you with your business?

Centralization and lots of data! Whether we sell a piece through eBay,, or through our own website, ShipStation allows for easy manual or automatic entry of a new product and makes every step of the order process trackable, which is a real delight. No more having to sift through emails or keep track of different shipments on different provider websites, it’s all there. Plus, the ability to automatically send a customized email invoice with tracking information directly to our customers’ email seems to have resulted in higher customer satisfaction and dramatically reduced the amount of requests for status updates on a shipment.

What’s your favorite ShipStation feature?

It’s a deceptively simple feature, but the ability to add internal notes to a particular order has made my job so much easier. I am able to easily enter notes on an order (customer requests, packing information, issues that may have occurred with the order, etc.) and pull up those notes as needed. It’s a real godsend to be able to, simply with the customer’s last name or the product ordered, access a wealth of information about the entire order from beginning to end. And the customized invoices aren’t too shabby either :)