Newegg Marketplace’s Practical Guide for a Successful Q4 Season

Join us November 2 @ 1PM CST!

It’s that time of the year again- Q4 is approaching, do you have a plan? What are the elements you need to maximize your effectiveness and capitalize on the biggest shopping season of the year? We all know that once the holiday season begins it is already too late to start planning for success, you need to take action now!


Join us in a LIVE webinar with Newegg, as we lay out proven tactics for winning the holiday season!

  • Strategic insights on how to present your products
  • About opportunities that can maximize your product exposure
  • Tactical tips that ensure your operations flow as smoothly as




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Meet Our Guests

Mark Barlis

Marketing Manager, Newegg Marketplace

Cubby Mellinger

Partner Development, ShipStation
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