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Published on January 4, 2022
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This blog post was contributed by our partner DYODE.

DYODE could not be more thrilled to be partnering with ShipStation! A full-serve eCommerce agency, DYODE got its start as a consultancy. We were started by two former heads of eCommerce who worked for big box retailers. Because of our long experience leading teams in the industry, we got frustrated with typical agencies and set out to create our own.

While consulting is still our bread and butter, we noticed that too many of our clients were struggling to get hands-on and affordable services from their partners. To combat this, we created the DYODE to be the anti-agency. Our team consists of experienced retail and digital individuals who offer a personal approach to your problems at rates that actually make sense. We work with a variety of eCommerce platforms (such as Shopify/Shopify Plus, Magento, Salesforce Commerce Cloud), and we’ve aligned ourselves with tools we really use and believe in, like Shipstation.

Some areas we excel at:

Strategic Consulting: Our eCommerce experts can analyze and provide strategic consulting for all aspects of your business. This often includes working together on developing a technology roadmap, digital marketing strategy, and operational strategy to build your business’ foundation and growth. During this engagement, we also coach and train your internal team to ensure continued success.

Audits / Usability Tests: Before you make potentially costly decisions, let us help guide you in the right direction. We offer both business and website audits that will involve our team of professionals conducting an evaluation and providing you with a presentation of our findings and a detailed roadmap to improvement and growth. To take it a step further, we also offer a usability test that includes a group of real potential customers giving their honest feedback on your site.

Development: We work with nearly all eCommerce platforms and offer both front-end and back-end development as well as UI/UX design. In addition to ongoing site maintenance, our team is experienced with data migrations/replatforms and implementations (including Shipstation).

Analytics: DYODE.ANALYTICS is your complete eCommerce analytics-as-a-service (AaaS) solution, coupling enterprise-grade analytics software with expert data analysis and consultation services. DYODE.ANALYTICS transforms your data into actionable insights and tactics that you can put to use right away.


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