eCom Logistics: A 3PL Solution for Australia

Published on January 4, 2022
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3PL and fulfillment solutions are often geared towards larger businesses with more volume to ship. However, these solutions can be beneficial to start-ups and small businesses as well, especially those in the ecommerce space. Budding ecommerce companies may find themselves quickly running out of room for their products in their home or small office. Instead of investing in expensive warehouse space and extra employees, small businesses can contract a 3PL/fulfillment provider. 3PLs take care of storage, optimized fulfillment, and shipping so that your busy employees don’t have to.

Attention Small Businesses:

eCom Logistics is a fulfillment solution for online stores in Australia, specializing in the needs of start-ups and small businesses. They import orders directly from your online store, pick and pack the products, and then ship them out to your customers. eCom Logistics integrates easily with your online store so you don’t have to spend any time transferring orders. Reasonable pricing and no lock-in contracts make 3PL fulfillment attainable for growing businesses.

Beyond Basics

eCom Logistics goes above and beyond to meet your unique customer service needs. Returns are a reality every business, big or small, will encounter. eCom Logistics can process and manage customer returns. They also offer national and international delivery with same-day dispatch so you can ship orders exactly when you need to.

ShipStation is excited to partner with eCom Logistics, a company geared towards the success of ecommerce merchants, no matter the size. Fulfillment and shipping are difficult processes for any business– especially growing companies. See how ShipStation and eCom Logistics  can help your small business fulfill and ship more efficiently today!

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