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Published on January 4, 2022
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With ShipStation’s direct integration to Salesforce via the Salesforce AppExchange, all of your sales orders and order objects will import into ShipStation where they can be shipped—regardless of which Salesforce ecommerce solutions you use. Unlike other platforms, ShipStation’s integration is native. There’s no need to develop an external, third-party integration for each Salesforce platform. Once these orders are shipped, the shipment information will be sent back to Salesforce.

Salesforce Platforms We Support

ShipStation’s official listing on the Salesforce AppExchange allows merchants to integrate with the following Salesforce products.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that supports sales, marketing and customer support in both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-customer (B2C) contexts. 

Salesforce B2B Commerce

B2B Commerce is a managed package that simplifies online buying with features designed for business-to-business use cases. Deliver custom catalogs, complex product configurations, account hierarchies, contract pricing, reorders, and more. Easily create a unique, branded storefront user experience with responsive page templates.

Salesforce B2C Commerce

B2C Commerce provides the resources and processing for your ecommerce sites, called a storefront in the Commerce Cloud documentation. You create and build your websites in your realm.

Salesforce Lightning Order Management

Lightning Order Management extends Commerce Cloud, enabling companies to provide fast, efficient, and personalized order fulfillment—complete with real-time inventory status, order updates, and easy returns.

Advantages of using ShipStation with Salesforce

Whether you only use ShipStation for Salesforce orders, or you have a multi-channel solution to shipping, ShipStation can accommodate and scale with your workflow. ShipStation integrates with over 200+ selling channels, ERP solutions, inventory management solutions, and other system integrators. So, regardless of where you sell, ShipStation scales with your operations. And what good would a robust shipping software be unless it also allowed you to create a workflow that fits your business? 

ShipStation Features 

ShipStation offers far more than only label creation for your sales orders. Organize your shipping with ShipStation’s order filters, tags, and user-defined views. Elevate the customer’s shipping experience by offering custom-branded tracking pages with real-time tracking maps, all within your company’s brand.

Carrier Integrations

Access discounted shipping rates and print shipping labels for the world’s top carriers, including:

– UPS (save up to 55%)

– USPS (save up to 40%)

– FedEx (save up to 29%)

– Canada Post

– Australia Post

– Sendle

– Royal Mail


– Fulfillment By Amazon

Additional Workflow Features

Eliminate repetitive tasks, avoid errors, and save time and money with ShipStation’s

advanced automation workflows:

– Automated order importing

– Auto-assign orders and picking documents to warehouse workers

– Apply carrier shipping services upon import

View the autosave

– Automatically batch shipments together

– Automation rules based on user-defined criteria.

– Instantly update tracking and shipping information back to the order sources

Other features ShipStation includes:

  • ShipStation Mobile: our robust mobile app lets you create and view shipments, view shipping reports order alerts from your mobile smartphone or tablet device.
  • ShipStation Connect: Our cloud-printing app that lets you print to and from any ShipStation-connected device anywhere on the globe.
  • ShipStation Branded Returns Portal: Empower customers to initiate their returns.
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