Happy National Small Business Week!

Published on January 4, 2022
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Here at ShipStation, we pride ourselves on being a tool for small, medium, and even large businesses that helps the people in those companies save time, headache, and hassle with their shipping processes. As you may have heard, this week is National Small Business Week in the U.S., and it’s also the 50th anniversary of the event!

This year marks the first of the series that events are being held all over the country, culminating in a special event in Washington D.C. on Friday where they’ll announce the state and national Small Business Person of the Year awards! The government is also live-streaming most of the content, so if you wanted to attend, but don’t live in the cities they’re hosting the events in, there’s your ticket! You can view the whole schedule here and the stream is up on the homepage.

Small Business Week runs from Monday to Friday (17th – 21st) and will be in the following cities each day:

    • Monday: Seattle, WA
    • Tuesday: Dallas, TX
    • Wednesday: St. Louis, MO
    • Thursday: Pittsburgh, PA
    • Friday: Washington, D.C.

All this week, whether you’re at the events or not, we’ll be asking for how you’re celebrating Small Business Week, and if the raised awareness of all the small businesses everywhere is helping yours any.

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Larger businesses: maybe you can add some insight to how you got started, and the things you learned along the way. Anything you want to talk about in the realm of “Small Biz,” we want to talk with you!

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