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Published on November 15, 2023
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Parcel delivery can be challenging, especially for companies in the health and fitness field. Items you sell may range in size from sweatbands to workbenches and dumbbells. Shipping these items can become time-consuming. These shipments’ boxes and carrier services may change from order to order. As we move into the holiday rush, your warehouse is only going to be operating at a higher intensity. Throw in a hefty dose of “New year, new me” and you have the makings for a busy season that stretches across the entire year. That’s where ShipStation comes in. With automated shipping tools, integrations to everywhere you sell, and discounted shipping rates, ShipStation High-Volume is the perfect tool to get your warehouse in ship shape. 

Integrations That Matter

ShipStation High-Volume is for merchants that move a lot of products. Our shipping tools keep up with the pace of your customers and platforms. But we can really only keep up with you if we partner with the platforms and services you use. That’s why we commit ourselves to partnering with all the carriers, platforms, selling channels, listing tools, ERPs you name it! 

Shipping Discounts That Go The Extra Mile

With savings of up to 89% off retail rates for carriers like USPS and UPS, ShipStation Carriers provide incredibly affordable shipping options. With ShipStation carriers you to get the best rate every time. 

  • Access savings on heavy shipments like dumbbells or save on dimensional shipments for things like foam rollers
  • Lightweight shipping options like UPS® Ground Saver give you discounts for things like vitamins, resistance bands, and smartwatches 
  • Avoid residential, DAS, and fuel surcharges with UPS® on ShipStation
  • DHL Express and GlobalPost provide affordable international shipping regardless of its economy or express. 
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Centralize Shipping for all Selling Channels

Selling across multiple platforms, channels, and marketplaces is a lot to manage. Health and fitness items are commonly sold through marketplaces as well as brands’ websites. So having all your selling channels and listing tools accounted for is crucial for timely fulfillment. With ShipStation, you can integrate directly with your marketplaces, selling channels, ERPs, ORMs, or IMSs. This allows you to fulfill orders the way you want without having to log into multiple apps at once. Orders automatically import and we’ll update shipped status when the labels are created. But the automation doesn’t stop there. We have time-saving automation and fulfillment tools that take this a step further. 

“ShipStation helped us scale. We’re able to ship 15,000 orders a day without blinking an eye.” 

-Greg Park,
Founder and CEO, Mighty Club

Streamlined Fulfillment for Maximum Results

Regardless of your order volume, ShipStation makes packing and shipping easy. With scan-based workflows, customizable packing slips, omnichannel picklists, and batch shipping options, your teams can keep up with the order volume and be sure you’re shipping the right items.

Automation Rules: Save Repetitive Actions for the Gym

With ShipStation’s robust automation rules, your warehouse can automate repetitive tasks. This not only saves time, it reduces the risk of human error. These actions empower warehouse managers to customize and automate various aspects of their shipping workflow, such as carrier selection, assigning orders, and holding orders. By setting up rules based on specific criteria, such as product weight, destination, or shipping service, your team can ensure that each order is processed swiftly and accurately. As soon as your orders sync into ShipStation from the selling channel, the automation rules apply these actions. All you have to do is click print!

“ShipStation fundamentally transformed the company and allowed us to scale to where we are today.”

-Jason Harvey
Chief of Operations, Onnit

Shipping Strategies: Supercharge your Shipping

Shipping Strategies are like supercharged automation rules. They help you rate shopping by instantly applying the best service. Shipping Strategies automatically select the best shipping option from a preferred group of shipping services for different types of shipments, such as international, express, or ground deliveries. ShipStation compares the group of services and automatically applies the service with the lowest rate to your shipment. So whether you’re shipping a bottle of vitamins or a rowing machine, ShipStation will help you select the best shipping service for your order. 

Batch Printing: Bulk Up Your Shipping

If you’re using automation rules or Shipping Strategies, there’s no need to print labels one by one. This is where batch printing comes in. With ShipStation you can print labels for hundreds of orders in a single instance. Select all your orders ready to have their label created and ShipStation will do the rest.

ShipStation High-Volume turns up the pace on your warehouse’s shipping speed. These features are just scratching the surface of what you’re capable of doing. If you want to make shipping more efficient, we’re here to help get you set up and churning out shipments as soon as customers place an order. We can have you up and running in no time. 

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