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Published on October 2, 2023
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Running an automotive business requires wrangling in a lot of moving parts. You may have parts for 100s of models and makes of vehicles of every size. Add navigating multiple warehouses, 3PLs, and workers, and it can lead to delays or mis-shipments. ShipStation’s High Volume plan provides a way to streamline processes, find affordable shipping solutions, and scale fulfillment alongside the other sectors of your business. 

Where and How to Sell Auto Parts Online

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To start selling auto parts and accessories online, you need more than just a website. To build a successful online aftersales ecommerce business, we recommend finding a partner who understands the market and can help you navigate the complex landscape of online parts sales. And for that, your first stop should be your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). 

Picking the Right Ecommerce Partner

If your OEM has an existing aftersales ecommerce program, they’ll likely point you to a preferred website provider or vendor. Before signing up, though, we recommend making sure that the endorsed provider is able to provide you with the right tools to meet your specific business goals. Above all, you want to choose a provider who doesn’t just see you as a client, but instead as a partner whose success they’re just as invested in as you are.

What to ask when

  • Where does your catalog data come from and how up-to-date is it?
  • What kind of opportunities will I have to expand my business into other marketplaces like eBay?
  • Can you help me tailor my pricing and shipping strategies to help me achieve my goals for sales and volume?
  • What kind of support (phone support, knowledgebase articles, etc.) will I have access to as a program member?

The right partner won’t just simply stand up a website, throw you the keys, and say, “Good luck!” A high-quality website vendor should have the tools, support, and expertise available for you to reach any business goal, no matter how large or small. When it comes to getting your online parts business up and running, never underestimate the importance of a great partner.

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Centralize Shipping for all Selling Channels

Selling across multiple platforms, channels, and marketplaces is a lot to manage. With ShipStation, you can integrate directly with your selling channels or you can connect through ERPs, ORMs, or IMSs. This allows you to fulfill orders the way you want without having to log into multiple apps at once. 

Taking Advantage of OEM Support

To help dealers get into online parts and accessories sales, your OEM may already have an existing program in place to help set the foundation of your online parts business. If they do, we recommend contacting your field representative with the OEM and finding out what kind of opportunities are available to you as a dealer. OEM-endorsed programs are usually the most cost-effective solution due to program fee subsidies or bonuses to your dealership. They are also usually built on the most up-to-date catalog data. They also offer manufacturer-sponsored seasonal promotions, and additional business coaching support to help your online store succeed. 

Year after year, ecommerce continues to be the catalyst for how consumers find and purchase products online, and there’s no exception in the automotive aftersales industry. As of 2022, nearly 1 in 4 consumers buy automotive parts or accessories online (Statista). In fact, online parts sales are projected to have a 9% growth rate through 2025, and drive $41 billion in revenue by the end of 2023 (Hedges & Company). That’s why it’s important to find an experienced ecommerce provider that knows how to garner that purchasing power.

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ShipStation Puts Your Fulfillment on Cruise Control

ShipStation not only has 100s of partner integrations, but we also provide streamlined fulfillment options that cut hours out of all of your warehouse team’s work each week. From automation rules to unbeatable carrier rates, your team will be batching orders, printing labels, and routing orders quicker than ever before. 

Rev Up Fulfillment with ShipStation’s Shipping Automation 

ShipStation puts your shipping on autopilot thanks to hands-off automation. There’s no need to dig through each order to see what shipping service it needs, once a customer’s order enters ShipStation, you’re ready to ship it. 

ShipStation’s automation rules apply shipping services, package types, special instructions like signature confirmation or additional handling required, and assign orders to specific warehouse workers. 

“With ShipStation and Altos Digital together, it literally solved problems that I didn’t even know we had.”

Joe Tesensky, Parts Director at Bell Honda 

ShipStation Provides All the Carrier Options You Need to Deliver

ShipStation helps you save on shipping costs for car parts of all sizes. Access savings on cubic rates for small, heavy items like alternators. Take advantage of discounts on lightweight shipping options with services like UPS® Ground Saver. Furthermore, you can avoid residential, DAS, and fuel surcharges if you use UPS® on ShipStation. When a garage or customer needs to fix something ASAP, you want to make sure your express shipping options are affordable. And that’s another reason to try ShipStation. Our rates are competitive against any of your negotiated rates for USPS, UPS, GlobalPost, DHL Express, and more. You can even automatically apply the best shipping service with ShipStation’s Shipping Strategies.

*Discounts off UPS daily rates. Rates are limited to shipping from the U.S. only. Rates and any applicable discounts are subject to change at any time without notice.

Shipping Strategies: ShipStation’s Supercharged Automation Rules

Shipping Strategies eliminate the guesswork from shipping by enabling you to automatically select the best shipping option for a shipment. You group shipping services together and ShipStation compares and applies the “best” option to the shipment. Whether your parcels require international, express, or ground delivery, ShipStation can apply the most affordable automatically based on the range of services you prefer. 

Discover cost-effective shipping rates effortlessly, ensuring speed, meeting delivery requirements, and maintaining preferred settings. Automated shipping streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time and money for every shipment. With Shipping Strategies, you can tailor your service selection to match your unique needs, avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach

You can group services together based on preferences such as standard shipping services or express ones. Here are a few examples of different service strategies you could create:

  • Compare different carrier services that all deliver within 2-3 days
  • Compare different overnight or next-day services
  • Compare different economy services
  • Use ShipStation Carriers alongside your own carrier accounts
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