How Ruroc Increased Fulfilment by 3900% with ShipStation

Published on October 13, 2022
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A pioneer in snow sports helmets, the Gloucester-based business has a global reach of 97 countries and counting. Learn how ShipStation helped enable their ecommerce growth.

The Founding Story

Ruroc was born in 2008 after the original founder experienced a near-fatal snowboarding accident. Fortunate to survive a severe wipeout and being buried in an avalanche, he believed there had to be a better way to protect people when skiing and snowboarding.

After the accident, he mocked up several drawings of the type of helmet he envisioned would protect the head, face, and neck. He approached a design and manufacturing company with a helmet prototype, and after a year of refining the designs, the infamous RG1-DX helmet was born. It was the world’s first full-face ski and snowboarding helmet.

Over a decade later, this product continues to be a leader in the snow sports industry.

With a global reach of 97 countries and counting, Ruroc prides itself on its world-class designs, engineered out of the necessity for protection. In 10 years, the brand has built a global community of snow sports enthusiasts and has since expanded into additional markets like motorcycling. 

“If you mention the word Nike, you think of trainers. If you mention BMW, you think of cars. We want to be the first brand name that comes into anybody’s mind when a helmet is mentioned,” said Bridget Rees, COO of Ruoc.

The ShipStation Solution

Shipping software that would seamlessly integrate into Magento was Ruroc’s top criteria in their search for a solution. As the business continued to rapidly scale in size, Ruroc’s IT team was able to recommend ShipStation after a simple online search. The ease of integration with Magento allowed the team to efficiently onboard the software into their business overnight.

Within 24 hours, we were onboarded with ShipStation entirely. It was easy to use and to train everybody on.”  – Bridget Rees, COO

Prior to ShipStation, Ruroc had to hire a full-time crew to fulfil their shipping. From managing DHL and UPS forms to copying and pasting names and addresses, to printing labels. Attempting several different processes of shipping via DHL and UPS, nothing seemed to work efficiently until integrating ShipStation.

“ShipStation changed our lives completely, which meant that we don’t have an army of shippers now. We went from 10 people constantly shipping to three,” said Rees.

ShipStation’s batch printing and split ship features increased Ruroc’s fulfiled orders per day by 3900%. They’re now able to efficiently organize orders according to the product purchased, the size and weight, and what country they’re shipping to.

“We’re able to fulfil over 8,000 orders a day. Before ShipStation it would take us all day to fulfil only 200 orders. We could never do that manually, it’s an impossibility.” – Bridget Rees, COO

The insights reports within ShipStation allows Ruroc to successfully execute a pre-order business model. Reviewing their inventory reports daily, the team is able to order stock based on the product orders received. From there, they are then able to utilize the split orders into multiple shipments to split and merge orders based on stock availability. 

“The reports are important to us because we may have part of a customer’s order, and have to wait two to three months before we can get the rest of their order shipped. We don’t want to hold off on the entire order, so we’re able to split ship their orders with ShipStation,” said Rees.

A Software That Supports Global Expansion

Ruroc continues to search for ways to expand its brand influence. Their next endeavor involves the anticipation of the launch of a new sister company within the next six months. Desiring to continually expand its global reach, Ruroc has some exciting new products releasing soon.

“ShipStation will make it possible for us to run two different companies at once,” said Rees.

Features Designed for the UK Merchant

ShipStation’s features and integrations are designed and tailored to specifically serve the UK merchant. We asked Bridget to share her concluding words of encouragement to any UK merchant considering ShipStation for their business. Here’s what she had to say:

“We’ve already passed off ShipStation’s information to other UK companies. ShipStation is simple – there are already so many things that go on in a business that you don’t want to have complicated features, you want to be able to get the job done,” said Rees.

ShipStation allows Bridget, and other members of Ruroc’s family-operated business, more time to focus on running and scaling their business. 

“Our business would not have succeeded without the help of ShipStation. We wouldn’t have been able to grow.” – Bridget Rees, COO

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