How to ship international, return, and express parcels with Australia Post, ShipStation, and StarTrack

Published on January 4, 2022
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How to ship express parcels domestically with Australia Post

Australia Post’s StarTrack services offer expedited shipping services to many of Australia’s major metropolitan areas. They offer a range of services such as Freight and same-day delivery, even helping deliver organ transplants. However, with ShipStation we focus on the more B2C services. Their Express, Premium, and Fixed Price Premium are all excellent options to deliver to customers in shorter timeframes.

TimeframeAvailable Services
2-3 DaysStarTrack Express
Next DayStarTrack Premium & Fixed Price Premium

How to make expedited shipping more effective with ShipStation

Expedited shipping is contingent on a few things. First of all, you need to have access to affordable expedited services. Otherwise, you risk making such a narrow profit or scaring away customers that it’s not even worth the sale in the first place. Secondly, you need to be able to get the shipments out quickly. 

Apart from using affordable expedited delivery services like StarTrack, you’ll want to incorporate more effective workflows into your fulfilment process. At the top of the list is shipping out orders ASAP. Let’s go over some ways you can accomplish this.

Batch Shipping

Batch shipping is a way to consolidate orders into a single group and print out all labels and documents at once. With all your orders in one place, you can print pick lists and box up each order more quickly and hand them over to the delivery driver more quickly. 


Setting up alerts lets you know when an order is created or is ready to ship. These alerts can be in-app, mobile notifications, or emails.

If you have this enabled on a mobile device, you can then head to a workstation or use our ShipStation Mobile app to either generate a label and print it out using our ShipStation Connect app (you can send the label to any printer configured for Connect from anywhere on earth!) or contact your warehouse to get the shipment out the door. 

The quicker you get the order out, the quicker the customer receives their order confirmation email knowing their parcel is on its way! 

How to ship Internationally with Australia Post

ShipStation is pleased to announce that we now support international shipping with Australia Post. While you can already ship to just about anywhere in Australia with Australia Post, you can now use them to reach your customers all over the world in surprisingly affordable and quick ways. 

TimeframeAvailable Services
10+ business days by air, 30+ days by seaAustralia Post International Economy
6+ business daysAustralia Post International Standard
2-4 business daysAustralia Post International Express

How to make international shipping easier with ShipStation

Customs Forms

Customs forms can be a pain, however, with ShipStation we’ll automatically include the appropriate information for all of your outbound international shipments. All you have to do is stick it on the box! 

International Address Validation

There’s a lot of guesswork when you ship internationally, “Why is that address formatted so weird?” and so forth… With ShipStation, we help validate international addresses to many of the major international markets such as Canada, USA, UK, France, Germany, and more

How to ship returns with Australia Post

Return shipments are never pleasant. They’re costly and it’s rarely the outcome the seller or customer wants. However, Australia Post and ShipStation make returns easy. We now support domestic returns, you and your customers can even track their progress back to your warehouse! 

How to make International Shipping easier with ShipStation

Returns Portal

ShipStation’s returns portal allows you to free up some of the time that is consumed by processing returns to be taken back. The way it works is that your customers enter their order number and ship-to postal code to pull up their order items. They’ll select the item(s) needing to be returned, and then a preconfigured shipping service and package type will apply to the order, and a return label generate for them to print. It is outlined below.

See our full available features and how to connect Australia Post and ShipStation.

StarTrack specialises in parcel delivery, freight, and logistics for ecommerce businesses. It offers a variety of services to integrate an efficient shipping experience with your website. Its ecommerce tools give your customers delivery options directly through your online store. They make it easy for you and your users to select when and how parcels are delivered and returned. Customers can even schedule pickup times from one of the courier’s 4000 post office or 24/7 locker options. 

ShipStation and Australia Post are both dedicated to improving the shipping experience for ecommerce businesses. See how [ShipStation and Australia Post]

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