Start Selling on JET with Our New GeekSeller Integration

March 12, 2016

ShipStation’s mission is to provide our leading shipping platform to all e-commerce merchants, no matter where they sell or how they ship. This is why we are so excited to announce our newest third-party integration with GeekSeller, broadening our availability to JET merchants.

How does this integration work? It is a bit confusing, so let’s break it down. JET is an online marketplace with real-time pricing that makes it one of Amazon’s largest competitors. Unfortunately, JET does not offer sellers an administrator panel to manage your inventory and orders-this is where GeekSeller comes in. Without the integration, JET requires users to build their entire back-end (aka lots of time and money). GeekSeller is an affordable solution to start selling on JET right away, providing a ready-to-use panel that you can connect to your merchant’s account.

ShipStation’s third-party integration with GeekSeller allows users to import orders from JET for streamline fulfillment and shipping. Once a user completes an order by creating a label in ShipStation, it is sent to GeekSeller which submits the tracking number to JET and marks the order as shipped. 

Now you can grow your e-commerce business with confidence knowing ShipStation can handle all your JET orders, saving you time and money!

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