About GeekSeller

GeekSeller is an officially approved partner of, providing an affordable API integration solution. We are a ready-to-use panel that you can connect to your JET partner account, alleviating the need to build one on your own. GeekSeller JET panel featured functionality include:

Auto Approval of Orders
The merchant panel requires merchants to accept orders within 15 minutes from the time of the transaction. GeekSeller automates the online ordering process with automatic approval of orders.

Inventory Management
Manage your inventory, edit your products, and import items in bulk via CSV/XLS file, or directly from Amazon or other platforms.

Orders Management
Manage your orders, returns and refunds.

We offer GeekSeller Repricing, a functionality which dynamically adjusts your prices to make your products offer the best price on JET marketplace. 

GeekSeller Features We Support

Official API integration with JET

Manage your products and orders from multiple marketplaces in one panel

Quantity synchronization

Moving products between marketplaces


ShipStation ♥ GeekSeller

This new partnership with GeekSeller will streamline user’s shipping and fulfillment process across all platforms. The integration will seamlessly import orders from the JET partner account to ShipStation via GeekSeller system.  Once a user completes an order by creating a label in ShipStation, it is sent to GeekSeller which submits the tracking number to JET and marks the order as shipped.

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