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Published on January 4, 2022
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Remember those days when laptops got the blue screen of death and files were sucked into the abyss? Or when you forgot to press save on a Word doc and exited?

Since then, we’ve learned to use Google Docs to save our edits in real time, Dropbox to store all our important files, and automated tools like Mac’s Time Machine to backup our computers.

But somewhere along the way, we got a little too comfortable with the idea that our data is safe as long as it’s in the cloud.

We deal with cloud-based applications daily – from the Ecommerce platforms that are the backbone of our online stores to the software we use to streamline our accounting. But few of us stop to think “how is this data backed up?”

Mike Potter, co-founder of Rewind, wrote:

“All cloud platforms have a disaster recovery backup – but there’s a big misconception around what this backup can and cannot be used for.

In reality, a disaster recovery backup is really only used to recover the entire platform all at once from a huge disaster on their end, such as a meteorite crashing into their servers.

No matter how much they would like to help you specifically, most cloud platforms cannot use their disaster recovery backup to fix problems in your individual account. This includes mistakes that you accidentally make, poorly written code from someone you hired, and/or a third-party app changing your store.”

Rewind is an online backup service for cloud-based applications, starting with Shopify, BigCommerce, and QuickBooks Online. Among over 400 customer reviews in the Shopify app store alone, you can find countless stories of Ecommerce entrepreneurs who nearly lost their entire store due to a small mistake – but were saved by their Rewind backup.

Reading those stories gave us an “aha” moment. Rewind is a tool that every Ecommerce entrepreneur needs to protect their business, and get peace of mind. We’re happy to bring them on as our newest partner.

Benefits of Rewind backups:

  • It’s completely automated – new changes to your online accounts are backed up daily so you never have to think about it.
  • Flexible restores – “rewind” your entire account, or just parts of it, to a previous point in time.
  • Data freedom – get greater control over your online data.

rewind for shopify

Rewind is currently available for ShopifyBigCommerce, and QuickBooks Online, but more integrations are coming soon.

Learn more about the Rewind and ShipStation Partnership and follow the link below to begin your free ShipStation trial today! 

We’ll also be doing a joint webinar with Rewind to answer your questions on how to automate shipping and fulfillment while keeping your online data secure on June 14th. Reserve your spot!


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