New Research: How COVID-19 Has Impacted Ecommerce in Australia Indefinitely

Published on August 17, 2022
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It’s no doubt that the pandemic has had an effect on all of us, and particularly for ecommerce and businesses small and large, it has had lasting impacts on consumer behaviour and expectations around shopping, fulfilment, and delivery. We recently conducted a survey of 475 online shoppers across Australia, with over 2,000 worldwide respondents, to better understand what retailers should consider in order to keep up with growing expectations.

Here’s a quick look at a few of our key findings:

Ecommerce Spending Trending Upward

Despite economic lows, ecommerce spending has been on the rise over the last year and half — particularly for small, local, and independent businesses. In Australia, 85% of consumers anticipate spending more in 2021 than they did last year during the pandemic. A large majority, 79% of respondents, also recognize the powerful responsibility they have to their community, saying they have chosen to shop with small businesses in an effort to support their local economy during these hard times.

Although many Australians have resumed in-store shopping by now — more than any other nationality surveyed — the widespread digital adoption of ecommerce in the last year is here to stay. Over half of consumers say they will prefer to shop online even after the pandemic is over.

statistics from ShipStation Australia research study showing the impacts of COVID-19 on ecommerce - The Global Pulse: Ecommerce After COVID-19

Key Insights from our recent research study

Free Delivery, Free Returns, Extended Returns Windows Expected

Given that ecommerce spending is up, consumers are buying more products online — across all verticals — more than ever before. With this spike also comes a growing expectation that online shopping can meet the expectations of an in-store experience. In a post-pandemic world, convenience is paramount. We’ve largely all grown accustomed to the services retailers have provided over the last year to promote health and safety and incentivise sales, so much so that we’re not willing to let go of them that easily.

55% of consumers expect retailers to offer free shipping indefinitely after COVID-19

Delivery Options: The Demand for Click and Collect

In addition to free delivery, free returns, and extended return windows, ecommerce consumers have revealed their attachment to expanded delivery options. With an average of 53% of Australians having selected curbside or click and collect options at checkout, it’s no surprise that the large majority also expect these to stay indefinitely.

As you can see in our key insights graphic, 65% say they’re less likely to shop with retailers not offering curbside delivery. To learn how many consumers say they’re less likely to shop with retailers not offering click and collect, download our latest research study, “The Global Pulse: Ecommerce After COVID-19.”

How Retailers Can Adapt to the Shift in Consumer Behavior

Establishing how consumers plan to shop in a post-pandemic world, and understanding the decision-making that goes into placing an order online, can help retailers adapt their strategy for success. In addition to the insight on delivery options and free delivery, there are a number of other trends revealed in our new data.

Our goal is that this research study helps inform you of the shifts in buyer behaviours and expectations so that your business can continue to provide the best online shopping experience for your customers.

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