New Webinar: Automating Your Shipping!

Published on January 4, 2022
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We know you want your life to be simple. The joys of automation and having your to-do list done for you is one of those things we all dream of. Well, while we can’t take care of quite everything on that list, (no, we’re not going to pick up milk for you on the way home), we can help you automate as much of your order and shipping management process as possible.

Enter our new webinar! On November 29th, after you’ve had time to calm down from over-eating on Thanksgiving, overworking on Black Friday, and over-something on Cyber Monday and the days thereafter, we’ll be hosting a webinar on automation rules in ShipStation. We’ll talk about

Now, while we could also think up the examples for this webinar, we want it to have a personal touch. After all, you’ll be the one attending and the one who has more experience selling your wares on the Internet, right? So, tell us what you want to see! When you register, you’ll be given a chance to explain what automation scenario you’d like to see us create in our test store. Give us as much detail as possible, and from the submissions, we’ll demo as many as we can to fit into the 45 minutes. And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to ask questions during the demo and afterwards. ;)

The time? November 29th, from 2p – 3p CT. (need to convert that?)

So, what are you waiting for…


Can’t make it? Register anyway, and you’ll be given a link to the on-demand video after the session happens. As we keep offering webinars, we’ll have different topics available–ranging from new features to the super-advanced. Keep watch here and on our webinars page for more information as we publish it.

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