ShipStation’s Order Details Page: A Better Shipping Workbench

Published on January 5, 2024
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Get ready! On February 1, the new Order Details interface will be rolled out to all ShipStation accounts. 

Based on valuable feedback from customers like you, the ShipStation team has refined this feature to provide a more efficient and streamlined workflow. We are retiring the previous Order Details view to introduce new updates that will significantly enhance your overall user experience. Continue reading and discover the top 5 reasons you’ll love the new Order Details.

1. Streamlined Split-Shipping: Our redesigned interface focuses on the shipment at hand, eliminating any confusion with other shipments, such as back-ordered items within the same order. Experience even more clarity and precision, ensuring a smoother split-shipping process.

2. Intuitive Navigation: Effortlessly move between Shipments and Returns using the new left-side menu. This user-friendly layout simplifies navigation and facilitates the quick creation of new shipments or returns, streamlining your workflow for enhanced productivity.

3. Order Summary at Your Fingertips: Access the newly added order summary feature conveniently located in the same menu, functioning as an order receipt. This new view allows you to refer back to the original order seamlessly, ensuring you meet customer expectations without the hassle of toggling between different systems.

4. Efficient Label and Packing Slip Printing: Print labels and packing slips for the specific shipment you are working on. Increase efficiency and speed in your shipping operations, allowing you to manage exceptions swiftly and effectively.

5. Flexible Adoption: To ease your transition, try out the new Order Details experience on any orders throughout January. Once you and your team feel confident and ready for the switch, opt-in on your computer. In February, the new Order Details experience launches for all ShipStation accounts. 

ShipStation Wants to Hear From You

ShipStation’s number one mission is to provide a simpler, more affordable way to ship. We strive to create the type of shipping experiences our customers want. That is how we were able to build this new Order Details page. The insight and guidance of businesses that rely on us shape ShipStation’s best features. From garage sellers to high-volume warehouses, ShipStation provides a variety of workflows and tools for sellers of any level. If you are an existing ShipStation user, we encourage you to join our ShipStation Community! Share your thoughts, feedback, and insight with other merchants and the ShipStation team. If you’re not yet a ShipStation user, we have a host of efficiency tools and services that will save you time and money. Every business can use that! 

ShipStation Automation Features

ShipStation’s automation rules are actions that apply to orders that meet certain criteria. If you want all orders under 16 ounces to ship with USPS® Ground Advantage™, you can set that up. Want every other domestic order to go with UPS® Ground? You can set that up too! You can log into ShipStation and just click print!  

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Branded Tracking 

Copy and pasting tracking numbers into a selling channel is a real pain. ShipStation automatically sends tracking data back to your selling channel and sends a shipping confirmation email to your customer. When they click on the tracking link, they see a custom tracking page with order information and updated tracking events instead of the carrier’s page. You can include links to your website, so they can reach out to you with any questions. They can also engage with your social media accounts. Everyone opens shipping confirmation emails, and a great shipping experience can bring customers back more easily. 

ShipStation Carriers

You want to pay less for shipping, it’s a fact! With ShipStation Carriers, you can save up to 89% on shipping costs with instant access to carriers like USPS, UPS, DHL Express, GlobalPost, and more. There’s always going to be the best shipping service for your shipment. With ShipStation Carriers, you can find several! Use our shipping calculator to discover the discounts available. You can also check out our USPS rates to see how much you can save!  

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