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Published on February 26, 2024
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A reliable shipping solution is essential for any online store. If you use Shopify for your business, you already know it’s a user-friendly platform with powerful order fulfillment through Shopify Shipping. However, as your business grows, you’ll need more tools to manage orders, sales channels, and customer communications. This is where ShipStation comes in. What Shopify does for your ecommerce site, ShipStation does for managing shipments. ShipStation has been a trusted shipping partner for Shopify merchants since 2011. Your orders seamlessly sync with ShipStation, providing you with a central hub to customize your shipping workflow. You’ll still enjoy great shipping discounts, plus access to new partnerships, integrations, workflows, and tools that enhance your fulfillment process.

“With ShipStation, our costs for shipping were cut in half, just like that…”

Eric Bandholz, Founder, BeardBrand 
Shopify User

What ShipStation and Shopify Plus Both Offer

Shopify Shipping has a lot of shipping features. ShipStation offers many of the same options that you can use—as well as many more. Below are some of the main features both Shopify Shipping and ShipStation share. 

Discounted Rates

When it comes to affordable shipping rates, you’re in luck. ShipStation and Shopify both offer shipping discounts with UPS, USPS, and DHL Express. So regardless of which platform you choose, you will be saving on shipping costs. But ShipStation doesn’t stop there. You also get access to other popular carriers like FedEx, GlobalPost, and dozens more. Save up to 89% on your carrier fees from even more providers. 

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Rate Calculator

ShipStation and Shopify Shipping both offer a rate calculator to compare available shipping rates. So you can compare rates for all the new carrier options available and always choose the service with the best rates. 

Automated Tracking Updates

Real-time tracking updates are essential for customer satisfaction. Additionally, we update tracking and the shipped status to the selling channel. ShipStation automatically updates your customers and the selling channels when an order has been shipped. This cuts down on copy/pasting and helps avoid delays or duplicate shipments wherever you sell products.

Schedule a Carrier Pickup

If you’re used to having your carriers come by and pick up your shipments, your drivers will still be coming to pick up your packages, ShipStation lets you schedule pickups with all the carriers offered by Shopify Shipping and more! Whether it’s FedEx, USPS, UPS, Canada Post, Sendle, DHL Express, or others, they can come to you and pick up your shipments for the day.

Configure Order and Product Information  

Being able to view and configure order-level and product-level information keeps everything running smoothly. ShipStation lets you view stock levels, sends harmonization codes for international orders, and send in-cart shipping rates for Shopify, as well as other stores. ShipStation lets you do more than just ship your orders, you can create an entirely new workflow. 

ShipStation Supports Shopify Customs Configurations

International shipping is now even easier for Shopify sellers using ShipStation. We now allow you to transmit harmonization codes from your Shopify orders into ShipStation. Setup is as easy as clicking a button.

“ShipStation is user-friendly and plugs into our shipping carriers and online store which allows us to print orders out within seconds. We’re pretty much our own post office.”

-Benjamin Billows, Founders, BullyBillow,
Shopify User

Why To Choose ShipStation for Shipping Shopify Orders

ShipStation offers streamlined, automated shipping for all of your selling channels. ShipStation can help you print your whole day’s shipping labels in just a few clicks—whether you’re just starting out or shipping thousands of orders a day. 

Multichannel Order Management

ShipStation provides a centralized platform where you can manage orders from multiple sales channels, including ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Amazon, eBay, and more. This simplifies the order management process and reduces the need to switch between different systems. 

Automated Shipping Tools

Automation and time-saving features are a big part of what makes ShipStation so popular with ecommerce brands. After all, time is money—and the more time you save means more money saved! ShipStation can be configured to automatically apply shipping services, preferred packaging, and confirmation type as soon as it syncs with ShipStation. Additionally, you can automatically assign orders to specific workers, apply label messages, and much more. It doesn’t matter where your customer bought your products, you can ship them with the same level of speed and control. 

Bulk Printing Options

With all these automated shipping and fulfillment features, it would be crazy to have to ship orders one by one. While Shopify allows you to bulk print up to 100 labels at a time, ShipStation dials up your printing. You can create as many batches as you’d like with up to 500 shipments in each. Quickly work through the day’s shipments without worrying about assigning a single order to multiple people. 

Scalability and Growth Opportunities

As you grow your business, you want to have systems and processes that scale with you. Shopify Plus, for instance, provides Shopify sellers with an enterprise commerce platform. ShipStation provides an enterprise shipping solution for businesses with a range of sizes and complexities. Connect your ERPs, EDI tools, CMSs, system connectors, and many other enterprise tools. You can even build an API integration to ShipStation for even more customization and control. 

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Depending on your business needs, either Shopify Shipping or ShipStation makes a great choice. As your business needs evolve, ShipStation provides a range of efficiency tools that let you scale your operation while keeping a simple, intuitive workflow. Reach out to a shipping expert today to see how much time ShipStation can help you save on your shipping costs and let you move on to something else. 

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