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Published on August 9, 2022
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From branded boxes and brand ambassadors to customizable packing slips and emails, we’ve been a big proponent of establishing your brand across your physical assets, customer communications, and social media. Now, you can combine all of that with our new branded tracking page. It’s easier to see it than explain it (although we’ll try) so take a look:

That logo is yours. The links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram? Yours. Your phone number and email address for support. Your return policy. And most importantly, your customer’s order, easily/animatedly tracked on the map. This branded tracking page is all about promoting your business and brand while giving the customer a better experience tracking their order. In fact, you can even have the branded tracking page feature the order’s products.

Best of all, the Branded Tracking Page looks great on mobile devices. Just make sure you have ShipStation set to send tracking notifications to your customers!

So how do you use the Branded Tracking Page? Well, head to Account Settings > Selling Channels > Store Setup > Edit > Tracking Page. There, you’ll just need to select “Branded Tracking Page”. Now, when your customer is sent a tracking email once you ship their order, we’ll automatically include a link to your Branded Tracking Page, instead of the carrier’s page. Just make sure you have ShipStation set to send tracking notifications to your customers!

As with so much of ShipStation, we want your experience with the branded tracking page to be personalized. If you’re not on social media, you don’t have to show those links. If this is a gift order, you can prevent order details from showing up. You can link out to product reviews and testimonial pages, or just your website. It’s all up to you!

Complementing the branded tracking page is the new Customer Engagement report under Insights. This page will show you everything from open and click rates on your tracking and delivery emails, to tracking visits to your branded tracking page (by unique AND returning customers) and where your customers go—did they go to your social media accounts or website? This information can help you build out a new marketing and engagement strategy. For more information on the Customer Engagement page, click here.

No more sending your customer to a carrier’s tracking page, where they get to advertise themselves. Instead, send them to an easily managed and set-up tracking page with your business front and center. On top of that, you get the added perk of being among the heavy hitters, like Amazon, that have their own tracking pages.

Start building your own right now! In your ShipStation account, head to Account Settings > Branded Tracking Page. From there, you can get to customizing. For more detail on how to get started, check out this article on our Knowledge Base.

Want to give us feedback on the branded tracking page? We’d love to hear it! Submit your feedback by clicking here.

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