Scaling Up Ecommerce with New Partners NetSuite and ShipStation

Published on January 4, 2022
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When you’re scaling your ecommerce business, sooner or later you’ll get to the point when you need a better solution to manage all your business functions and a better technology infrastructure than the one you started with. For many sellers, that’s when ERP software comes into the picture.

The term ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) pre-dates the booming ecommerce industry. But today, cloud-based ERP solutions have moved far beyond their manufacturing origins and are a crucial part of scaling up your ecommerce operations.

And with cloud-based ERP you need a cloud-based shipping solution.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce our partnership with one of the world’s leading cloud ERP solutions: Oracle NetSuite.

Powered by Nova Module

Thanks to our partner Nova Module, ShipStation has achieved “Built for NetSuite” status. That means the integration meets the platform development standards and best practices, so you can trust connecting to a robust solution. The team at Nova Module, an official SDN Partner of NetSuite and a ShipStation preferred implementation partner, built this solution with the flexibility to fit your business needs.

A proven solution with Magnolia

Magnolia Market founded in Waco by Chip and Joanna Gaines use ShipStation integration with NetSuite to power their ecommerce online store with Shopify Plus.
“ShipStation scales effortlessly. It’s something you don’t have to think about as you grow.”

When Chip and Joanna Gaines launched their online store for Magnolia on Shopify Plus, the Waco Texas-based team was shipping a few dozen packages a week. As their Magnolia empire grew exponentially, their ecommerce, inventory, and fulfillment solutions had to scale with them.

That’s when Magnolia moved to NetSuite to manage its complex business processes and inventory. Nova Module was there along the way connecting Shopify to NetSuite and NetSuite to ShipStation.

“Our orders come into Shopify, push to NetSuite to keep inventory accurate, and then ShipStation to be fulfilled,” explains Richard Ashley, Head of Information Technology at Magnolia. Read the full story how they scaled with 432% YoY growth.

A complete solution

Using ShipStation with NetSuite, online retailers can combine flexible shipping software and the powerful back-office features of NetSuite.

Nova Module built the solution on a modern iPaaS platform ( offered by Celigo for maximum flexibility and scalability. This out-of-the-box solution supports the large transaction volumes you would expect in an enterprise solution.

The integration is bi-directional, meaning information goes from NetSuite to ShipStation and from ShipStation to NetSuite. A NetSuite sales order record or item fulfillment record creates a new sales order in ShipStation to fulfill and ShipStation sends back actual shipping costs for your accounting and finance departments, as well as carrier code, service code, and a clickable shipment tracking URL so you have a full customer experience record.

Shipping can be unnecessarily complicated and inefficient. ShipStation makes it easy for Netsuite users to scale their businesses by eliminating those complications.

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