ShipStation + eBridge Connections: Accounting + Shipping = Awesome

Published on January 4, 2022
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This blog was written by Lindsay Hampson. Lindsay is a proud member of the eBridge team and works with businesses to connect important systems together – to make the business of selling simpler. She heads up the marketing department at eBridge Connections. 

Back in January, an online seller posted a very profound but simple question on the Amazon Seller Forums.

It went like this:

“I would love if anyone has advice on Accounting software and shipping software to use with Amazon. Manually having to type in every order and every change in inventory is awful and it would be great if there was a way to integrate automatically.”

The post goes on into more detail, but you see the roadblock here.

The situation for Sellers today.

Sellers make wares. Sellers have accounting systems or ERPs. Sellers need to ship.

None of these things above are naturally connected to the other.

So – there’s a lot of manual work for sellers when an order is made. Information, like inventory levels, need to be manually adjusted in all business systems. So, someone at these businesses spends their time typing email addresses, SKUs, colour codes, shipping details, and even credit card info back and forth. Back and forth.

Or all hell breaks loose.

The problem of disparate systems is rampant in all industries, but arguably most painful in the online retail world where time and accuracy truly define your worth to the consumer. A few bad online reviews, and your business is toast.

That seller, on that cool January day, perfectly summed up why eBridge Connections and ShipStation are better together – and why they are partnering to combat time and data entry.

Why could a ShipStation and eBridge Connections partnership be music to your ears?

The pain is real. Online sellers must get customer and shipping information into their back-end systems. And vice-versa.

Are you a seller who is:

  • Using NetSuite ERP and ShipStation?
  • Using Sage and ShipStation?
  • Using SAP Business One and ShipStation?
  • Using Microsoft Dynamics and ShipStation?
  • Using QuickBooks and ShipStation?
  • Using Epicor and ShipStation?
  • Using some other ERP or accounting tool and ShipStation?
  • Using Walmart DSV (drop ship) and ShipStation?

If yes, eBridge Connections – a North-American-based, 60-person company (around for 23 long and glorious years) has a prebuilt connector for your accounting system, and they just polished off their ShipStation connector.

Hook the connectors up to eBridge’s powerful, cloud-based integration platform – and all order data is now going to push and pull between ShipStation and your accounting department.

Why ShipStation?

Apart from having the best tag line in the business – get ship done – ShipStation stands out in the industry for having flawless technology in a “must be fast and right” online landscape.

Our eBridge development team had one note to add to this blog post, and it goes like this…

“Tell them they have great documentation & their API is solid.”

eBridge integration is 23 years wise, and ready to help ShipStation customers

And, so it was a true no brainer when us folks at eBridge were approached to partner with ShipStation a few months ago.

The market is demanding system integration in order to speed up the process of online shopping.

Learn more about eBridge Connections and how your ‘seller life’ could be simplified with ShipStation to back-office application integration.

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