Why Handling Returns Is Actually Easy

January 22, 2020

At ShipStation, we believe in the importance of removing hurdles for our users to optimize and grow their business. In order to give our users more tools for success, ShipStation offers a branded returns portal that will help you save time and provide a top-notch customer experience.

How to Handle Returns

Returns are a time consuming reality of ecommerce. Instead of trying to fight returns, embrace them as an opportunity to learn, improve, and offer a second-to-none experience for your customer. Negative return experiences can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of lost future sales. 

When you have a customer-friendly return policy, you are successfully building brand trust—a key ingredient for closing the sale and growing your business. You are more likely to retain the customer by providing a superior return experience.

You can include a prepaid, printed return label inside the package of your outgoing shipment, but many of those labels will be unused– wasting paper, ink, time, and money.

ShipStation is equipped to address all of these challenges and enables your business to provide the branded returns process of an ecommerce giant. Instead of creating return labels in advance or handling it yourself, save time and automate returns according to your returns policy. Let your customers do the work and search for their orders in your returns portal.

Your customers can select items they want to return, enter return reasons, and print the return label. Creating easy returns through your site brings you one step closer to getting more sales and conversions. Other returns management solutions out there can cost you hundreds of dollars a month, but the new branded returns portal is included in the ShipStation subscription for free.

Make A Return

“We analyzed the data and realized that collectively, ShipStation users spent hundreds of thousands of hours on return process creation and communication in 2016 alone,” explains Ariel Le, Product Analyst at ShipStation. “This is an incredible amount of time that our users could instead be spending on growing sales, developing and launching new products, or testing out a new marketing campaign.”

It takes a few quick steps to get going:

  1. Go to your store settings, find the returns tab and enable the branded returns portal where you can specify how you want your return labels issued.
  2. You can then take the link to your branded returns portal and publish it on your ecommerce website, your customer emails or packing slips.
  3. Your customers will then easily create and submit return requests while entering the reason for their return. All of these RMAs are tracked in ShipStation just like the ones you would create yourself.

Here is a guide on setting up the branded returns portal. Setting up your returns portal and creating an easy returns process is a great way to satisfy your customers and grow your business. 

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