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Published on September 8, 2023
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ShipStation is all about efficiency. We know that bringing every part of your ecommerce business together—from software to printers to choosing shipping services—eases workflow. Creating a singular, simplified shipping process makes shipping easier and faster. However, shipping is not a simple process. We’ve spent years fine-tuning our product to account for all the areas of shipping that you want to automate and make work together. So, while ShipStation simplifies shipping, it can be a lot to set up. We’re sympathetic to that learning curve. That’s why when you sign up for a ShipStation trial, we give you an account manager to walk you through setup, as well as a host of help articles, blogs, webinars, and a support team ready to help you every step of the way. But it doesn’t stop there. Now, you can add online courses that teach you about ShipStation to the list! We’re pleased to announce our online course track: ShipStation University.

Online Courses vs. In-Person Events

ShipStation University has long been an in-person event ShipStation has offered with panels, guest speakers, and ShipStation experts available to help answer or guide any concerns our users may have. Yet, what if you’re not able to attend these events? Or if you just want a refresher? Luckily, we now have an entire suite of tutorials and videos to help you become an expert in ShipStation. 

For a list of all our upcoming in-person events check out our LinkedIn page.

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What do I need to access ShipStation University? 

In order to access ShipStation University and Ship Tips online, you just need a ShipStation user login (what you’d use to log into your ShipStation account). We make it login-specific so each shipper on your account can track their individual progress through the lessons and videos. If you have multiple workers sharing a workstation, that’s fine too! You can take online ShipStation University courses as many times as you’d like! 

How Much Extra Does It Cost? 

Nothing! ShipStation University online is available to any and all ShipStation users at no additional cost. We want to make any and all ShipStation features you need available as transparently and quickly as possible. Your workflow is as unique to your business as your brand is. That’s why we want to make sure you’re using everything you need to make your fulfillment strategy as efficient as possible. In any industry, the best tools have a manual, and ShipStation is no different. Automation, shipping, and customer communication takes a little bit of time and tweaking to get right. We just want to make sure that you get off on the right foot. That way, ShipStation puts you on the right path. 

What Does ShipStation University Offer Me?

ShipStation University online gives you an expressway to what ShipStation offers. Whether you want to take advantage of ShipStation’s entire suite of features or you just need a few to deliver success, we know we have a solution that can work for you. It’s just a matter of finding what’s right for you. Whether you need to import your orders through any marketplace, shopping cart, or CRM, or via spreadsheets, ShipStation offers a host of solutions that you and your team can work down to muscle memory. But with anything that becomes second nature, it does take a little practice. We want to make sure that the orders you fulfill through ShipStation import fluidly and you can automate shipping specs and notifications without blinking. Getting to this point takes a few configurations.

Measure Twice. Cut Once.

Again, shipping is complicated. But it’s not hard. Once you find the patterns, it becomes second nature. It’s not a good parlor trick, but  it gets the job done! To make shipping second nature, you have to learn it. And we know it’s something anyone can learn. Everyone at ShipStation learned it so we know your team can too! Whether you need to learn which shipping service works best for your different package sizes, weights, or destinations, we can offer competitive shipping rates and advanced automations that you’ll be able to quickly master.

For a list of all our upcoming in-person events check out our LinkedIn page.

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