How to Make Multichannel and Shopify Fulfillment Simpler

Published on March 24, 2022
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If you sell on Shopify, you already know the importance of an efficient shipping workflow. With ShipStation, you can take utilize a great shipping software that lets you fulfill all of your orders regardless of where they were placed! With integrations to over 100 of the world’s top-selling channels, marketplaces, ERPs, and CRMs, you can fulfill all of your orders within ShipStation. A good shipping platform is worth more than its integrations, though. And ShipStation offers many features that merchants can use to make their fulfillment quicker and

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Scale Your Shipping Workflow With ShipStation

As mentioned above, Shopify Shipping is a great way to ship your Shopify orders. But, as you increase the number of you’ll want to eventually start finding a platform that brings the same level of functionality for all of your selling channels’ ordedrs. As your business needs grow, ShipStation grows with your operations. So, regardless of how many selling channels or order sources you have, ShipStation offers an efficient shipping solution. 

Using a dynamic selling channel like Shopify is a scalable solution for your business. Even if you grow into a platform like Shopify Plus, you have the upgrade assistance to keep your tech stack as is without reintegrating your various platforms with a new system. ShipStation offers the same level of scalability, but for all of your selling platforms. As your shipping needs evolve, ShipStation grows with you.

Automatically Send Shipping Confirmation 

One of the main ways that ShipStation helps you scale your business is by sending shipment information back to your customers and selling channels. It can save merchants dozens of hours a week on shipping when you don’t need to manually configure shipping notifications or copy and paste tracking information from shipping platforms back to selling channels. 

Find The Best Shipping Rates

One advantage of ShipStation is that we integrate with the world’s top carriers. We also offer shipping discounts for every type of shipment you need to send out. Whether you need to send a lightweight parcel to the next state over or a heavy multipiece package to Asia, you can find the cheapest way to ship. 

Automate Your Shipping

A lot of merchants know which shipping configurations to apply to orders just by looking at it. In this case, why not just let it be applied automatically instead of having to open each order? This is where ShipStation’s automation rules come into play! Instead of manually applying shipping configurations to each order, you can set up automated processes that check orders for criteria you choose and apply actions to the orders. This isn’t limited to shipping services! You can also automate other configurations.

Automation Rule Actions:

  • Add packaging weight
  • Assign orders to people
  • Change email or packing slip template
  • Apply Tax Identifiers to specific international geos 
  • Place orders on hold or do not import them 

International Shipping Simplified

Luckily, you can scale international shipping with ShipStation by removing manual steps. This lets you grow into new international markets across the globe. 

ShipStation helps international expansion by: 

  • Generating customs forms
  • Helping transmit tax compliance
  • Applying harmonization codes and customs forms 

Handle Return Shipping With Ease

Customers prefer that you make the returns process as simple as possible. A good returns process leads to customer satisfaction that leads to returning customers and good customer reviews. Not only does ShipStation simplify outbound shipping, we help you and your customers navigate the world of return shipping too! From creating outbound return labels that can ship out with parcels, to portals that your customers can access through email links to generate their own return labels. 

To see how much time and money ShipStation can save you when shipping, try for a free 30-day trial now.

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