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Published on January 4, 2022
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Headquartered in Austin, Texas and led by CEO Jef Sewell, Amplifier has been helping businesses of all types streamline their logistical operations for over 15 years. As an innovative third-party logistics company, Amplifier has been a staple in the fulfillment space by pushing the limits and offering a unique experience to businesses.  

We’re very excited for Amplifier to partner with ShipStation. ShipStation’s powerful easy-to-use features have enabled entrepreneurs everywhere to build substantial ecommerce businesses. With this new partnership, those businesses can offload the tedious, time-consuming work of fulfillment to Amplifier and get back to the much more important work of actually growing their company.  And by using Amplifier’s vertically integrated fulfillment and printing capabilities, they can also add print-on-demand and personalized goods to their existing product mix.

   Jef Sewell, CEO

Amplifier ships to over 200 countries around the world while supporting many popular Internet brands. Some of Amplifier’s merchandise specialties include the following:

  • Apparel Goods (50%)
  • Other Branded Merchandise (20%)
  • Media Products (20%)
  • Personalized Products (10%)

Amplifier® blends traditional order fulfillment, bulk inventory production, and personalized on-demand printing together into a single platform. Clients can sign up instantly with their easy-to-use self-service platform, and Amplifier is integrated with most leading eCommerce platforms. Amplifier employs best-of-class WMS (Manhattan Associates’ SCALE), their own OMS, and a proven technical and operational foundation.

In business over 15 years, they have shipped millions of orders for thousands of different brands. Amplifier’s name is also their mission. They magnify their clients’ brands while remaining completely invisible. Learn more about how ShipStation and Amplifier work together and click below to start your free trial.


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