DPD Shipping News
Expand Your Dispatch Options in the UK with DPD Parcel Delivery

As the ShipStation team has taken up a brief residence in London this week, we are excited to extend more delivery options to our friends across the pond with our new partnership with DPD. This leading parcel delivery giant is known for its exceptional customer service and infrastructure and offers online merchants a customer-centric delivery […]

ShipStation x Zendesk Shipping News
Zendesk-ShipStation Partnership

ShipStation is excited to partner with Zendesk, a customer service and engagement platform that allows businesses to share an efficient, streamlined discussion with their customers. Zendesk allows you to communicate with users through chat, phone, email, social media, and more. Ticket forms, pre-written ticket responses, and customer search history make customer assistance faster and more useful. […]

Sandbox Commerce Blog Graphic Shipping News
Take Your Business Mobile with Sandbox Commerce

This blog was contributed by our partner Sandbox Commerce.  Sandbox Commerce helps brands and retailers interact and engage with their customers – from the casual shopper to the brand loyalist – to drive their sales channels. Since 2016, we’ve helped brands easily design and launch mobile apps for iOS and Android with their drag-and-drop app builder. With […]

Shipping News
BORN Group: a 360 Approach to Creative, Content, and Commerce

Marketers used to hold most of the power when it came to controlling their brand, but now consumers play an even bigger role. Two-thirds of a consumer’s touch points with a brand are consumer-driven marketing or information like customer reviews, personal recommendations, and past brand experience. Consumers are becoming more independent in their product research, […]

Echidna blog graphic Shipping News
Echidna Understands Your Digital Journey

This post was contributed by Kali Kasprzyk, Director of Marketing at Echidna, the leading digital agency led by experienced commerce professionals focused on helping enterprises evolve their Digital Commerce journey and maturity. Echidna focuses on the Consumerism of B2B with clients to guide them to maintain their B2B heritage while coupling B2C processes and solutions to add multiple points […]

mindover software Shipping News
Mindover Software: Boutique Technology Solutions

Your business and the software it uses goes hand-in-hand Every day, companies use a variety of different tools to aid the team in pushing forward and standing stronger. Locating the finest software solutions for your employees generates a genuine experience for your admins and users. Seamless deployment and management of your company’s software can eliminate […]

ShipStation + Bahia Shipping News
Bahia Designs: A Beautiful and Usable Ecommerce Experience

Anyone who shops online knows that an ecommerce website is as important as the product it sells. Not only does it need to tell your brand story, but it also needs to be easy to navigate, so that your customers can quickly find the products they want. Bahia Designs is a web design, development, and […]

Discounted Hermes labels Shipping News
Print Discounted Hermes Labels Without a Minimum Volume Account

As an entrepreneur selling online, you intimately know the cost of starting and running a business. Ecommerce margins are razor-thin and consumer expectations, especially when it comes to fulfillment and delivery, are sky-high. Here at ShipStation, we know too. The cost and time savings from shipping efficiently are our top priority. In fact, we have […]

DHL Express and ShipStation Shipping News
Use DHL Express and ShipStation for Better Overseas Shipping

To build shopper loyalty, you must offer multiple overseas shipping options. Here’s how to improve the customer experience with DHL Express and ShipStation.

zehner Shipping News
Zehner: Reimagining Your Ecommerce Experience to Drive Revenue

According to a survey done by, 79% of customers who are “dissatisfied” with a website’s performance are less likely to make a purchase from that site again. Today’s market is user-centric, and when the user is unhappy, they go elsewhere. For a merchant to lead in the ecommerce space, it’s essential that their site […]

Why You Should Sell on Marketplaces in 2018 Shipping News
Why You Need to Consider Adding Marketplaces to Your Sales Channels in 2018

This post was contributed by Peter Jeffery of Codisto, a multichannel selling tool for merchants on Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and Ecwid to connect their online store to Amazon & eBay. If you’re already reaching customers through your online store, you may wonder why you should even consider selling on marketplaces. After all, you have […]

Shipping News
VL OMNI – Protecting Your Data to Help You Grow

Centralize your data with VL Omni. As your business grows their scalable solution ensures you can meet the data normalization challenges that will be sure to follow.

Arka_blog-feature Shipping News
Rebrand Your Packaging with Arka!

ShipStation’s new partner Arka makes it easy for businesses to purchase brand packaging at fair prices.

synapse consulting group Shipping News
Synapse Consulting Group: Ready for an Ecommerce Revolution?

It is vital to focus on your company’s online presence. Gone are the days where your brick and mortar store are enough. Instead today, if your business doesn’t have at least a website, they don’t have nearly as many sales as a store that does. The better your company looks online, the quicker your target audience […]

seller accountant Shipping News
Seller Accountant: Protecting Your Company for Optimal Growth

Learn how Seller Accountant can optimize your business. Whether you’re outsourcing your accounting or acquiring a business, Seller Accountant can help.

collins harper Shipping News
Collins Harper: Helping You Grow Your Online Presence

We think you’ll agree with us when we say the digital world is evolving at an unbelievable pace. It’s essential for companies to keep up with the growing online landscape. Maintaining and developing your online presence can be even more challenging if you’re not an expert programmer. So how can your business keep up with […]

Shipping News
Swarming Technology: Revamp your Ecommerce Store

Swarming Technology is here to solve your eCommerce pains. Whether you need a new online store or need help optimizing the performance of your current store, Swarming Technology has the tools and resources to provide an unparalleled experience.

Trellis Blog Feature Shipping News
ShipStation and Trellis Formalize Partnership in 2018 to Accelerate Growth

ShipStation and Trellis, a leading Boston-based ecommerce agency, are excited to formalize their partnership in 2018.

ShipBob Blog Feature Shipping News
ShipBob: When to outsource shipping

ShipStation is happy to announce that we have partnered with ShipBob to make shipping extremely easy for merchants who are ready to outsource shipping. Don’t know if that’s you? Read on. Most sellers have heard of 3PL providers (Third-Party Logistics or TPL) but for anyone who hasn’t, ShipBob has defined it for you. 3PL companies: offer […]

Gauge Blog Feature Shipping News
Grow Your Business With Our Newest Partner Gauge!

This blog was contributed by our partner Gauge.  In late 2007, Mark Lubbers and Daniel Augustine took a big step and moved from friends to co-founders. Working from Daniel’s dining room, they launched a small web design and development firm which they called Gauge. In those early days, they designed business cards, collateral, and Flash […]

Shipping News
Astound Your Competition

Astound Commerce – Driving Your Business Forward Here’s the deal: Your company’s digital reputation dictates your company’s potential success. Defined by your online presence, a poor appearance can lead to low trust in your potential customers. But don’t fret. This problem is critical, but not unsolvable. There’s a quick and simple solution: Astound Commerce Astound […]

shipstation + avalara Shipping News
Avalara, Simplifying Sales Tax So You Can Sell More

When we hear the word “tax” or the prompt to “file your taxes,” the average person probably cringes a little (or a lot), grumbles as they try to find their receipts and W2s, and then glares at the TurboTax pop-up that asks how you feel about filing your taxes. But at least we have TurboTax and […]

AMP for mobile commerce Shipping News
Getting AMP-ed About Mobile Commerce

Learn from our friends at BigCommerce how to leverage Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to improve your mobile ecommerce site to deliver a better experience.

shipstation + sps commerce Shipping News
SPS Commerce: Supply Chain Management and EDI That’s Changing eCommerce

Did you know that over 85% of all business transactions take place using EDI? EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a computer-to-computer exchange of business documents in a standardized electronic format between companies. In a world that’s moving away from mail, fax, and perhaps one day even email, you need EDI.  This is why ShipStation is proud to […]


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