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Automated Shipping System

Automate Everything

ShipStation offers second-to-none order and shipping automation options, so every single task and shipping decision can happen automatically. With easy to set up automation rules, you’ll never miss another detail, even if you haven’t had your coffee yet.

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Display Your Brand

ShipStation’s custom shipping labels gives you the freedom to add your logo / brand when creating shipping labels and packing slips. You can even customize your confirmation emails. Your customers’ full order experience has your personal touch—which is actually a good thing now that it’s not stained with your blood, sweat, and tears.

  • Display your products’ pictures*
  • Have a F.A.Q. section or “Important Information”
  • Include a barcode for easy scanning
  • Make it as colorful or as minimal as you want
  • All plan levels can add logo to shipping labels and packing slips.

*Available on most marketplaces

See pricing page for all customization options

Read Their Minds

When your customer chooses a specific method of shipping from your store, we’ll import that info, so you can setup profiles to automatically assign those requests to certain carriers and methods. With ShipStation’s automated order processing system there’s no crystal ball required.

Whether you’re offering free shipping, a flat rate, or weight-based rates, you can have ShipStation automatically apply the service. That means when your orders import into ShipStation, they already have FedEx® selected with a specific service ready to go!

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Include a Return Label with Every Order

Including a return label (and your return policy) with your package shows confidence in your product. ShipStation can automatically print a return label with every shipping label, so you just need to throw it in the package, making the returns process even easier. Don’t wait – start saving time and money with ShipStation’s shipping automation software!

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