Infocon’s cloud platform simplifies EDI and eliminates manual processes by integrating with ShipStation, your accounting/ERP solution, and other ecommerce platforms.

About Infocon

Infocon Systems is an established EDI solutions company providing a fully managed, easy to use Cloud-based platform and B2B integration into its customers’ core business applications. Backed by a dedicated team of experts for over 30 years, Infocon has been connecting EDI partners with its customers and suppliers maintaining seamless workflows to make their transaction processing the most efficient. No technical experience is necessary as we onboard your retail partners to ensure fast and solid EDI compliance. The bottom line is your orders-to-cash cycle speeds up significantly while keeping your supplier scorecard at the top of the class.

Infocon Features We Support

Quick & Easy Setup:
Connect to Infocon’s cloud-based web portal to exchange any EDI document with any Trading Partner, quickly and cost-effectively.

Connect all pertinent business data across your internal applications and web-based systems, such as accounting/ERP, CRM applications, shipping/fulfillment systems, inventory and eCommerce platforms. A limited list of ERP/Accounting connectors includes: QuickBooks, Sage, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics -GP, NAV, AX, SAP, and Oracle.

Flexible Web Portal:
​​Multiple user-based logins provide access by trading partner, document type, etc., with powerful sorting capabilities and data archiving. Forms are more flexible than most in the market and can be customized by trading partner.

Infocon has a sterling reputation in the industry for providing quick responses from seasoned EDI/integration experts through unlimited phone and e-mail support

ShipStation ♥ Infocon

Infocon Systems’ seamless EDI integration with ShipStation gives users the power to move orders (EDI 850) and shipping information (EDI 856/ASN) in and out of ShipStation without errors and delays. We close the gaps in your order cycle by eliminating manual data entry throughout your company wide systems. Whether you are a mom n’ pops business or Mid-level Enterprise, we simplify your order processing and shipping needs so you can focus on your core business. Infocon Systems offers integration for ShipStation users so they can integrate their EDI data, such as purchase orders, shipment notices and more, with minimal effort, saving time and money.

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