nChannel integrates ShipStation with your ERP/Accounting and POS software to fully automate your shipping processes and accelerate order fulfillment.

About nChannel

nChannel fully automates your shipping process by integrating ShipStation with your ERP/Accounting and POS systems like Sage 100, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, GP, Lightspeed and more. Through automation, nChannel accelerates order fulfillment for all your online sales channels, saving you valuable time and money. With smoother operations, you’ll have confidence to ship accurately and meet your guaranteed delivery dates for customers!

The cloud-based system seamlessly automates data workflows between your endpoint systems, enabling merchants to completely fulfill orders using their ERP/Accounting or POS software while using ShipStation. You will no longer need to manually enter data from one system to the next. nChannel leverages pre-built connectors that are configurable to your unique business needs, allowing the platform to evolve with your growing business. Check out the video below to learn more:

Key Features

Sync data and automate shipping with ShipStation and ERP/Accounting or POS software

Scales to handle high-volume data transactions with accuracy and transparency 

Pre-built and configurable based on your needs

Support team constantly monitoring and validating data delivery

Automatically installs updates and patches for platforms and connectors

ShipStation ♥ nChannel

nChannel believes that all merchants should have access to the strategies, tactics, and integration tools they need to exceed today’s commerce challenges. nChannel provides ShipStation merchants access to a library of pre-built and configurable connectors to popular ERP/Accounting and POS systems to ensure seamless integration solutions that merchants can count on, no matter where they sell and how they ship. All of the connectors are compatible with each other so upgrading or changing systems doesn’t require starting your integration over from scratch. With nChannel, growing ShipStation merchants can continue to evolve their business to meet customer expectations, without worrying about how to scale operations.


  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Plus

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