SAP Anywhere

About SAP Anywhere

With over 200,000 small and midsize customers, SAP is a leading expert in helping growing companies succeed. SAP Anywhere, SAP’s premier small business solution, makes it easy for business owners to manage their multi-channel commerce, sales, order fulfillment, inventory, marketing, CRM, and customer service. SAP enables these businesses to eliminate complexity, deliver a great customer experience, and seize new market opportunities with the support of an affordable cloud-based business solution.

SAP Anywhere’s Key Features

Real-time inventory visibility, management, and tracking
SAP Anywhere is like hiring an entire inventory team. Businesses have real-time visibility of all their inventory across multiple warehouses – while managing goods receipts, goods issues, and inventory transfers and replenishment efficiently. It also manages the purchasing process with all vendors.

Multi-channel sales
SAP Anywhere captures leads, manages opportunities, and drives deals that result in orders. Pipeline Manager monitors active sales, giving the business an instant snapshot of its team’s performance – from stalled deals to that opportunity of a lifetime. And with Customer 360, businesses can see every customer’s interaction history from a single dashboard.

Marketing support
Just because most small businesses don’t have a big ad agency or an interactive creative team to support them, it doesn’t mean that a business doesn’t need digital marketing to drive online presence and sales traffic. SAP Anywhere can help any small business go digital and go big. Businesses can now deploy responsive websites, launch your online store, blast email marketing campaigns, and sell on multiple channels like Amazon and eBay.

Best-in-class customer service
Nothing keeps bringing customers back more than a great customer service experience. Tracking every customer interaction dramatically improves customer service and gives a company best-in-class attention. With SAP Anywhere’s easy to use tools, customers can create their own service case and receive status updates in real-time from their mobile device or desktop. In addition, customers can dip into a shared knowledge base for answers to common issues.

Powerful analytics
What good is all the data that a company captures, organizes, and track if they can’t leverage it into strategy, trends, and opportunities? SAP Anywhere gives small businesses powerful analytics that reveal insightful areas of opportunities, potential challenges, and patterns that can be leverage by taking quick action. And all of these analytics are in an easy to use, graphics-based dashboard that’s accessible from anywhere in the world.

ShipStation ♥ SAP Anywhere

ShipStation and SAP Anywhere have joined forces to provide small US businesses with a powerful integrated commerce solution, with easy to use fulfillment methods. It will make marketing, selling and shipping goods easier by saving time in getting products to market. Sales orders placed in SAP Anywhere flow into ShipStation and once the order ships, the tracking information flows back into SAP Anywhere. This makes it easy for employees to respond to customer service inquiries quicker than ever before. These two cloud offerings make it possible for any small business to run easily, cost effectively and with mobility.

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