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Published on March 25, 2022
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The USPS has announced their annual rate increase for 2021. The following USPS rate increase is expected to go live on January 24th, 2021. Below you can find the rates available to ShipStation customers through our partnership with Stamps.com. Keep in mind that many package/thick envelopes can have varied prices depending on cubic rates or if they exceed a maximum girth of 108 inches. Please note that these rates do not reflect all service agreements or negotiations. And due to additional factors, the true rates may end up being higher or lower than the tables display.

Main Takeaways from the 2021 Rate Increase.

  • Priority Mail rates increased by an average of 3-4%. This is in line with many previous years’ increases.
  • Priority Mail Express saw an average increase of 1-1.5 percent—which is one percent lower than last year’s increase!
  • First Class Package Service saw the steepest increase this year, vastly different than last year’s rate change—a roughly 6.5 percent rate increase.
  • Also, a new surcharge from the USPS of $100 fee will be assessed to First Class Mail parcels found in the mailstream that exceed the maximum mailable size limit (combined length and girth greater than 130 inches).
  • Another surcharge from the USPS is that $100 will be applied to any Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express parcel that exceeds 130″ in girth or exceeds 70 lbs.
  • For additional information about the 2021 USPS rate increase and how it impacts your Stamps.com account, read their blog here.

First Class Mail Package

Below are the 2021 rates for First Class Mail packages. These parcels have a domestic transit time of roughly 2-3 business days. Their maximum weight is 16oz and their dimensions cannot exceed 22″ length x 18″ width x 15″ height (measurement guide).

Weight < (oz)Zones
1 & 2
1 oz3.
2 oz3.
3 oz3.
4 oz3.
5 oz3.463.493.513.573.583.693.853.85
6 oz3.463.493.513.573.583.693.853.85
7 oz3.463.493.513.573.583.693.853.85
8 oz3.463.493.513.573.583.693.853.85
9 oz4.
10 oz4.
11 oz4.
12 oz4.
13 oz5.
14 oz5.
15 oz5.
15.9999 oz5.

Priority Mail

Priority Mail is a service which has a 1–3 day delivery (though there is no delivery guarantee and can take up to 5 days) time and a maximum weight limit of 70 lbs. Depending on the service and package type, there may be a max girth of 108″ or a service-definite size (Flat Rate).

Priority Mail Cubic Rates

Cubic rates are assigned to Priority Mail parcels that are deemed “too small and heavy” to be charged the higher Priority Mail package rate.

Cubic rates are determined by the following formula:

Length x Width x Height / 1728 = Cubic Feet

If the value falls within the range of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, or 0.5, cubic rates will apply to a parcel weighing less than 20 lbs.

Cubic rates are generally negotiated by high-volume sellers. However, Stamps.com offers cubic rates to ShipStation customers. Below are the cubic rates for 2021.

Cubic Ft.Zones
L, 1 & 2

Priority Mail Flat Rate Packages

Flat Rate packages have service-definite dimensions but all allow up to a maximum weight of 70 lbs.

Flat Rate Envs 12-1/2″ x 9-1/2″ or smaller$7.40
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$7.70
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$8.00
Small Flat Rate Box$7.90
Medium Flat Rate Boxes$13.75
Large Flat Rate Box$19.30
APO/FPO/DPO Large FRB$17.80

Priority Flat Rate Regional Rate Boxes

Regional Rate Boxes are a more affordable flat rate option for parcels being sent to nearby zones—hence, regional rate.

Regional Rate BoxZones
L, 1 & 2
Box A$7.83$8.04$8.34$9.01$10.89$11.63$12.64$23.37
Box B$8.23$8.64$9.56$12.36$17.50$20.10$22.90$42.98

Priority Mail Package and Thick Envelope

Below are the rates for parcels that do not exceed a 108″ girth (measurement around the package’s thickest part). Keep in mind that the rate can be lower depending on the package’s size. These rates reflect the criteria’s’ upper threshold. Additionally, parcels exceeding a 108″ girth can have additional charges applied.

Weight < lbZones L, 1 & 23456789
1 lb$7.16$7.46$7.67$7.88$8.34$8.52$8.80$14.25
2 lbs$7.79$7.96$8.24$8.85$10.44$11.01$11.69$21.81
3 lbs$8.00$8.35$8.72$9.64$12.70$14.10$16.45$29.59
4 lbs$8.10$8.58$9.21$10.43$14.80$16.78$18.96$35.63
5 lbs$8.20$8.63$9.53$11.70$16.87$19.29$21.96$41.46
6 lbs$8.31$8.67$9.64$14.32$19.39$22.52$25.75$47.51
7 lbs$8.73$10.08$10.13$16.53$21.48$25.39$28.93$53.35
8 lbs$8.79$10.58$11.95$18.04$23.59$27.96$32.49$59.89
9 lbs$9.65$10.98$12.45$19.34$25.67$30.28$36.12$66.60
10 lbs$10.15$11.54$12.65$21.11$28.00$33.63$39.67$72.43
11 lbs$12.15$14.54$15.59$24.26$32.07$39.05$45.84$79.13
12 lbs$12.90$15.47$18.16$25.99$34.99$42.24$49.20$84.83
13 lbs$13.57$16.36$19.01$27.38$37.55$43.95$50.94$87.86
14 lbs$14.27$17.26$20.02$28.98$39.67$46.40$53.47$92.21
15 lbs$14.82$18.17$20.99$30.47$41.20$47.29$54.87$94.65
16 lbs$15.47$19.32$22.34$32.28$43.95$50.42$58.44$99.85
17 lbs$15.96$20.21$23.40$33.86$46.18$53.04$61.55$105.11
18 lbs$16.28$20.83$24.46$35.38$48.62$55.66$64.63$110.41
19 lbs$16.65$21.32$25.02$36.31$50.80$58.25$67.69$115.65
20 lbs$17.31$21.65$25.52$36.98$52.12$60.42$70.83$120.98
21 lbs$18.07$22.17$26.11$37.64$52.53$61.00$71.74$123.56
22 lbs$18.64$22.77$26.98$38.39$52.89$61.47$72.57$125.00
23 lbs$19.20$23.31$27.63$39.09$53.17$61.89$73.00$125.74
24 lbs$19.98$24.30$29.20$40.62$54.30$63.50$74.78$128.81
25 lbs$20.75$25.16$31.05$41.99$55.10$65.09$76.08$131.03
30 lbs$25.50$29.27$39.32$50.80$60.60$73.00$88.59$152.63
35 lbs$27.48$32.58$43.28$55.02$66.74$80.98$97.36$169.08
40 lbs$28.96$36.55$46.15$60.80$75.05$88.23$105.24$182.78
45 lbs$30.23$38.26$48.31$65.46$81.68$94.59$112.24$196.53
50 lbs$31.35$39.62$50.40$70.61$86.88$99.90$118.48$207.46
55 lbs$33.88$40.99$52.46$74.00$91.06$107.72$125.93$222.24
60 lbs$36.38$42.36$54.53$76.36$93.90$113.80$131.29$231.70
65 lbs$38.99$43.72$56.63$78.07$96.11$116.62$141.61$249.96
70 lbs$41.54$45.09$60.42$79.40$100.50$119.03$150.28$265.24
For the full rate table, contact Stamps.com or the ShipStation rate calculator.

USPS Priority Mail Express

Priority Mail Express is a service which has a 1–2 day delivery time and a maximum weight limit of 70 lbs. Depending on the service and package type, there may be a max girth of 108″ or a service-definite size (Flat Rate).

Priority Express Flat Rate

Flat Rate Envelope$22.75
Legal Flat Rate Envelope$22.95
Padded Flat Rate Envelope$23.25

Priority Express Mail Package

Below are the rates for parcels that do not exceed a 108″ girth (measurement around the package’s thickest part). Keep in mind that the rate can be lower depending on the package’s size. These rates reflect the criteria’s’ upper threshold. Additionally, parcels exceeding a 108″ girth can have additional charges applied.

Weight < lbZones
L, 1 & 2

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