FedEx Raising Rates Come January

Published on August 3, 2022
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So, in the wake of USPS lowering its rates on their Priority Mail packages for its Commerical Base & Commercial Plus Pricing customers earlier this month, FedEx announced this past Tuesday that its rates will increase as of January 5th.

This seems to be in addition to the company’s change to charge via dimensional pricing (which UPS is planning to do, as well), and FedEx has quoted that rates will increase for many of their services by an average of 4.9%.

Rates for ground, express, and freight services were listed as the ones who would experience this increase (which does include FedEx Home Delivery), for shipments within the US, Canada, & Mexico as well as shipments between the US & Canada, and the US & Mexico.

We’ll have to see just how much this impacts, since UPS & USPS have so far kept silent about their rate increases that are also sure to come after this year’s holiday season concludes.

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